Playlist: The Evolution of a Band

As the resident new music guy here at the X, I feel it’s necessary to mention that it’s OK for an artist to change their sound. Just as you and I do, a band may change direction over the course of time. Their thoughts, tastes, influences, beliefs, etc. change. It’s called evolution and I appreciate when a band goes through that process.

Tonight’s Organized Chaos was all about the evolution of a band. We picked songs from each band’s first album directly followed by a song from their latest album. Not all of the songs made it onto the show, but here’s how the full playlist looked:

Metallica – Hit the Lights (Kill ‘Em All, 1983)

Metallica – Spit Out the Bone (Hardwired, 2016)

Nirvana – Negative Creep (Bleach, 1989)

Nirvana – You Know You’re Right* (Greatest Hits, 2002) *Last song Kurt Cobain ever recorded

Korn – Blind (Korn, 1994)

Korn – Can You Hear Me (The Nothing, 2019)

Staind – Mudshovel (Dysfunction, 1999)

Staind – Something to Remind You (Staind, 2011)

Seether – Gasoline (Disclaimer, 2002)

Seether – Against the Wall (Poison the Parish, 2018)

Pearl Jam – Once (Ten, 1991)

Pearl Jam – Dance of the Clairvoyants (Gigaton, 2020)

Sevendust – Black (Sevendust, 1997)

Sevendust – Risen (All I See is War, 2018)

Stone Temple Pilots – Dead and Bloated (Core, 1992)

Stone Temple Pilots – Between the Lines (Stone Temple Pilots, 2010) *Last album w/ Scott Weiland

Slipknot – Wait and Bleed (Slipknot, 1999)

Slipknot  – Nero Forte (We Are Not Your Kind, 2019)

A Perfect Circle – The Hollow (Mer de Noms, 2000)

A Perfect Circle – TalkTalk (Eat the Elephant, 2018)

Linkin Park – Papercut (Hybrid Theory, 2007)

Linkin Park – One More Light (One More Light, 2017) *Chester Bennington’s last album

Sublime – 40oz to Freedom (40oz to Freedom, 1992)

Sublime – Doin’ Time (Sublime, 1996)

Breaking Benjamin – Polyamorous (Saturate, 2002)

Breaking Benjamin – Tourniquet (Ember, 2018) or Dear Agony (Aurora, 2020)

Disturbed – Voices (The Sickness, 2000)

Disturbed – Hold on to Memories (Evolution, 2018)

Foo Fighters – This Is a Call (Foo Fighters, 1995)\

Foo Fighters – The Line (Concrete and Gold, 2017)

Alice in Chains – We Die Young (Facelift, 1990)

Alice in Chains – Get Born Again (Nothing Safe: Best of the Box, 1999) *Last song w/ Layne Staley