X-Clusive: Local Music 5/31

#TuneIn Sunday nights to catch Randy doing stuff exactly like this:

May 31, 2020: New local debuts from Half Past Gone and Artificial Aliens!

New tunes from TriviumThe OutfitTense MachineBlacktop MojoOTHERWISERoses Are DeadBad OmensCold KingdomI PrevailStitched Up HeartThe Raven AgePalaye Royale and more!

Stone Prophet is playing a free online concert. Details on that and how to get your songs on the radio. Plus, learn about the first time I bought a drumset and how you can do better. I’ll also play a demo that nobody else in the world has a copy of.

With music from Pause For The CauseDamn the PlanetTexas Hippie CoalitionThe Pine ProjectSlade Brooks, Ripchain, One Second Till Forever, Lead Jacket Lullabuy, A Dead Desire and more.

– Hi, I’m Randy.