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Twitter Handle: @adamonthex

Shift: M-F 3p-8p & Saturday Noon-6p

Years with The X: 10

Favorite Movie: Mystery Team

Favorite Band:

What We Play: Bring Me The Horizon, Weezer, Highly Suspect   What We Don’t: The Front Bottoms, Childish Gambino, RJD2.

Hobbies/Interests: Full time nerd. Anything involving gaming, from E-sports to board and card games. This goes hand in hand with eating garbage fast foot and loading up on energy drinks. Yes- consumption can be a hobby.

Last Fight You Were In: While more than deserving, I’ve yet to be in a physical fight; so it was probably an argument over a game of Mario Kart involving blue shells and calling each other names that I shouldn’t repeat.

Favorite Thing To Do In Boise: I’m a big fan of the gaming community here. Lots of conventions, LAN parties, and places to drop a few quarters to kill some time. (Spacebar)

Website I Check At Least 3 Times A Day: I probably see about 1500 links on a slow day.

Favorite Superhero: Spider-Man. I sort of fill that “nerdy sarcastic in over his head” kid persona found in Peter Parker. (Marvel > DC )

Thing Everyone Else Loves That You Hate: “Going downtown” I understand going out for an event, but the last thing I want to do on a Friday night is stand in line for a bar with horrid music inside, then stand in another line for a drink that I could make for 1/2 the price at home, to then stand in YET ANOTHER LINE for the bathroom where the smell is only rivaled by it’s cleanliness.

Social Security Number: 420-69-1337

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