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Big J - Always 15 minutes behind what is really happening!

Really at some point you just have to own your own shortcomings.  I've always believed that, but when it is something so important to the day to day tasks of your job I just never wanted to believe I had a problem.  Somewhere along the development of The Morning After I found out I had this issue.  I would find something I thought was totally awesome, and excitedly tell my partner Nic.  He would then inform me that it happened 2 years ago.  I'm totally not joking either, it is a reoccurring phenomenon. So much so that I actually just stopped questioning myself and basically accepted that what ever it was currently I was into was years ago. I will sight 3 examples, here and now.

Master Ken:  The Youtube Karate Expert was a huge deal, 2 YEARS ago.  You should have seen the look on my face when Nic told me!  Master Ken is now back at it, but he took some time off.



Example 2: BatDad.  I just happen to run across this on Facebook a couple months back!  I just couldn't get over it!  I thought it was genius and hilarious. I found this while doing The Morning After, of course I looked up from my computer and told Nic about it!  "Dude that is so old!" he said.  I should have known!!!



Finally Example #3: Alestorm This Power Metal band from Scotland is AWESOME!  They basically jam metal to themes about Pirates and drinking.  I mean they have 4 Albums out, and a brand new one coming in June.  The most egregious part of this story is they were just here playing at the Shredder a few months back.



So there you have it! Some prime examples of my being late to the party!  The morale of this little blog is that sometimes you just have to OWN it!  I don't think there is a way to fix this, I mean I'm 40 years old.  Ya just got to live with it and even enjoy it!

Until next time! GO to HELL! 


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