Crazy Cat Guy

Hi my name is Big J, and I’m a crazy cat guy!  I know, right?  I bet you would never in a million years take a look at this guy and imagine that waiting for him at home is not 1, not 2, not 3, but 4 Cats!  I can hear you mock me as I type. Now don’t get me wrong, I love dogs too, in fact I’m a big animal fan.  So why all the cats?  Why no dogs?  I’m a firm believer that if you are going to have a pet, you better take care of it properly.  I can’t stand people who mistreat the domesticated animals they have taken promised to care for.  I keep a pretty busy schedule and have wacky hours, so caring for a dog just isn’t in the cards. A cat though, well cat’s can manage on their own for a while. Cats have personalities, like dogs, aside from napping all day, eating and crapping they provide both entertainment and comfort.

So I am gong to introduce you to our little cat clan:

Pictured above is Jackabootie IV aka Prince of Cats aka Great White Kittie.  He was part of the family that I adopted, and I love this cat maybe more than any pet I’ve ever had.  I have no idea why, but he just looks so damn Regal doing cat stuff.  He is getting on in age, which concerns me, but I don’t think he has used up any of his 9 lives.  When I leave for a work trip he gets really pissed off, and won’t give me the time of day when I get back for about a week.  Then he will start trolling around for me to pet him.  Another strange quirk, is the dude really likes when you use the ice machine. Especially when you drop ice on the floor. He just likes to look at it though.  He also has a bad habit of interrupting me while I’m Xboxing.

This here is Madden.  She is the cat that makes me tear out my hair. Why? Because she is real emotional and loves to act out!  When she isn’t happy she will find the first thing you care about and pee all over it!  We’re talking a few couches and chairs sent off to the “free” craigslist section here, and anything laying around the floor.  She is a sweet cat when she wants to be, but she keeps her distance from me about 99% of the time.  This most definitely my oldest Daughter’s cat.  I do love her though, and if I didn’t I would be bleep out of luck.

Meet Chester Copperpot!  aka Prince of Taco’s aka Chessy. Chester is about 1 year old and maybe the cutest damn cat I’ve ever met.  His little nose and face is so distinctive I can’t help but stare at him, that and his coat looks just like Jackabooite’s! My youngest Daughter has corrupted the poor thing so much he is co-dependent on her, and has been miserable for the last 2 weeks as she has been in California.  She doesn’t want to admit, that the kid has a real problem.  He eats anything and everything. We can no longer leave the pantry door open because him and his Brother (you’ll meet him next) will climb up and eat all the kittie snacks.  Oh and he is paying for it, cause he is getting fat.

And finally we have Sirius Black aka Crazy Eyes aka Serial.  We call him these things because he is the mischief maker.  You literally can see it in his eyes that he wants to make trouble.  Between these two kittens alone I’ve lost about $150 in cables for the living room entertainment center.  He also has this weird thing that he likes to drink from the faucet.  He used to jump up on the sink and drink from that faucet, now he likes the tub faucet.  What a freaking weirdo!  He routinely gets up with me around 4:30 in the morning to get a drink. As I get ready for work.  You will find him generally at my Wife’s side of the bed. Oh you should hear her defend his crazy antics.  We love him though.

Don’t get me wrong, cats can be a HUGE pain in the ass.  If you have a few minutes listen to this story I told a few months back on The Morning After.




Pets are wonderful!  We live busy lives, and coming home to critters can really be an amazing experience.  They don’t judge us, they don’t pressure us, they just want to be loved. So yeah, I’m that crazy cat guy. I think 4 is enough.  Oh and our house doesn’t smell like a cat den of urine and poo.  So that is a win right there against all the cat haters.