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  • The Mooring, Harlem Globetrotters and Arejay Hale

    We had a movie review and two guests on the show today, so here's all that audio.

  • DVDumbass, GTH and Sid Haig

    Ever wonder what Big J's desk here at the station looks like? You're about to find out.

  • Punch in the Face, Peter Stormare and Killswitch Engage

    Whole Foods took a “Punch to the Face” this morning courtesy of our very own Big J. It’s not so much Whole Foods, but more so the fact that he’s forced to drive all the way from his place of residence in Middleton to go shopping in East Boise. Big J’s quote of the day: “Why can’t Canyon County have nice things?!”

  • Big J's Life Lesson, Rob Mayes and Another Announcement

    This week’s “Life Lesson” courtesy of radio’s Big J was an interesting one. It had something do with being a secret agent of love or something like that. Yeah, I’m still trying to figure it out. Just check out the full audio right here.

  • Disclaimer, Tommy Davidson and Rob Zombie

    Disclaimer: Today’s GTH story was another cringer. Sit down for this one, push your lunch aside and enjoy. Full audio from this morning’s show included. Click at your own risk.

  • So Undercover, Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka and Important Stuff

    Important Stuff: According to, Boise is ranked last amongst the best cities for romance. Keep in mind this only based on sales of romantic books, music, etc. But hey, at least we are one of the top cities for condom sales! True story. So basically just skip all the romance and take it straight to the sack. In sports, the Baltimore Ravens celebrated their Super Bowl win with a victory parade yesterday and the Houston Rockets tied a NBA record with a total of 23 three pointers, with a 140-109 victory over Golden State last night.

  • DVDumbass, Tim Matheson and Tool

    In music news, Maynard James Keenan has released a statement that Tool will not be releasing a new album in 2013. Well, so much for Tool taking part in our “2013 Bands to Watch.” Bummer deal, but this next sentence might cheer you up. At 34-years-old, Katie Holmes is ready to get back on the saddle and start dating again. Rumor has it that she wants to enter our Ultimate Blind Date contest. Ok, not really, but she’s still single!

  • Big J's Face Punch, Double Guests and Slash

    We brought two guests on the show this morning. First, Michael Burgi of Adweek called into the show for a recap of last night’s commercials. You can peep our favorite commercial below and check out the "Best Of" commercials right here. Then towards the back half of the show, Michelle Edmonds of Today’s 6 and Fox 9, stopped by the studio to chat up the topic of funding for public schools and what’s going on with school fee lawsuits. Catch more of that story tonight on Fox 9 at 9 and Today's 6 at 10.

  • Big J's Life Lesson, Fisher Stevens and Nonpoint

    Coming up this weekend! We have a few events going on this weekend that you should be aware of. First off, we have a live acoustic X Session with Nonpoint in our studios at 2PM this afternoon. Dial your radios to 100.3 or stream us live here: Following the X Sesh, join us down at the Knitting Factory this evening as Nonpoint, Candlelight Red, Ripchain and Bukkit all take the stage. If you can’t make that or weren’t able to get tickets, come out to Beef O’ Brady’s on Sunday afternoon for our Big Game Party! We have Volbeat and Flogging Molly tickets to give away, along with a Deftones autographed guitar and free beer! Yeah, free beer from kickoff up until the first team scores. See you this weekend!

  • Tech Tour, John Ramsay and Sports Scandals

    We learned all kinds of new things today during “Sports with Pete.” How did the Boise State hoops team fare against Colorado State? Brett Favre returns to the NFL and a The Dan Marino Scandal. All included in this handy little audio package. Click here now.

  • The Liability, Ultimate Blind Date and Doritos Tacos

    Important Stuff: The CEO of Taco Bell announced yesterday that the Doritos Cool Ranch Taco will officially be unveiled during the big football game on Sunday. Oh by the way, if you ever decide to air a commercial of your own during the Super Bowl, get ready to break out the piggy banks and fork over $4 million for a 30 second ad.

  • DVDumbass, Jamey Jasta and Tremonti

    During this week’s DVDumbass, Big J willingly selected a movie called “The Liability” over “Fat Kid Rules the World” and “All Superheroes Must Die.” Check out the trailer below and check back tomorrow for the full review.

  • Big J's Punch, Trailer Park Threesomes and Important Stuff

    Today’s GTH story may or may not involve trailer parks, beer and threesomes. Full audio from today's show included. You’re welcome.

  • Bad Impression, Big J's Life Lesson and 57 Heavy

    We closed out the week with a little “Bad Impressions” action. Jimmy Kimmel found himself as today’s target for a little stunt he pulled with Matt Damon recently. It became almost notorious that Kimmel would close out his show with the line, “sorry to Matt Damon, we ran out of time tonight,” in reference to when he would jokingly bump Matt Damon from the broadcast. This time, Mr. Damon fired back. He managed to tie up Kimmel and host the show himself, bringing out a plethora of celebrity cameos. Take a look for yourself below.

  • Tech Tour, Important Bleep and Anthony Pettis

    Time for some “Important Stuff.” Kate Upton (hot model) appears in a sexy new Mercedes commercial that’s been receiving some controversy towards the company. Sex sells right? So what’s the deal exactly? Take a peek for yourself below.

  • The Paperboy, Rock on the Range and Ultimate Blind Date

    The Rock on the Range 2013 lineup has just been announced and all I can say is that you need to look at the lineup for yourself. It’s a dandy. Soundgarden, Alice in Chains, Smashing Pumpkins, Korn, Bush and Stone Sour sit atop the bill, but check out the full lineup below and all your Rock on the Range info can be found right here.

  • DVDumbass, Important Stuff and Kevin Murphy

    In sports, a deal has been reached with some Seattle investors to purchase the Sacramento Kings. That’s right, the Seattle Supersonics will be back! In other news, our friends in Korn recently did a great thing for a guy named Tyler Sims through the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Check it out below.

  • Brian Welch, Madden Tourney and Dave Grohl + Corey Taylor

    This morning we received a phone call from this guy named Brian Welch. You might know him as the former lead guitarist and co-founder of this little band called Korn. Yeah, f$%#ing Korn! Brian's new band, Love and Death, has an album coming out tomorrow, so he was kind enough to chat with us about that as well as what's going on with Korn. Check out the full interview right here and the video for "Chemicals" below.

  • Big J's Life Lesson, Natascha McElhone and Playoffs?!

    What happened to the NFL Playoffs?! With all the current stories regarding college sports, coaching scenarios and performance enhancing debacles, it seems as though everyone has completely left the Playoffs in the dust. You know, there are two huge games going on this Sunday that will determine who travels to New Orleans for the Super Bowl. That being said, grab some grub, invite some friends over and enjoy some good ol’ football this weekend.

  • Tech Tour, Racing for Smiles and Retirement Time

    Our pal Ron Hayes stopped by the studio this morning to chat about Racing for Smiles as they have a great charity event coming up on Saturday, January 26th. "So You Think You Can Race" is a nice little charity driven event that will take place out at Fastland Indoor Kart Racing in Boise. Go have some fun, race some carts and help out a fantastic cause.

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