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  • The Apocalypse Continues & Traveling the World by Motorcycle

    Well, just when you think people of the planet might stop eating each other, think again. Yes, today we learned about a man who got naked, jumped off the roof of a house onto a car, unirnated, and bit a chunk out of another man's stomach. On top of that, he took three tazer shots and bit a police officer on the leg. We don't just make this stuff up folks. Also on the show we visit with Andrew Mentzer, a local freelance writer for the Boise Weekly who is 20% through his journey around the world on a motorcycle. Mentzer has 12,000 miles remaining. You can read more about Andrew's journey and follow his progress on his blog: On Cage Match, Halestorm managed to cruise right past Nonpoint. I see a potential retirement in their future. Check out their latest video on at

  • Boise Hawks Baseball & Hot Rocker Chicks

    Ok, so with Producer Randy down for the count today, I will keep this blog short and sweet. Today we had a chance to visit with the President and General Manager of the Boise Hawks about baseball and gave him the chance to crush all rumors about the ball clup leaving Idaho. There is a chance they could re-locate to Meridian or Downtown Boise, but they will still remain the Boise Hawks for years to come. That being said, get out to Memorial Stadium and enjoy some freakin' basball already! The games are fun, cost effecient and entertaining. Stay tuned next week as we bring a couple of the baseball players on our show as well. Now check this out, because I have a theory. Our fans, myself included, love us some hot female rockers. Am I right or what?! We had to retire Maria Brink and In This Moment because they just absolutely destroyed Cage Match. Lizzy Hale and Halestorm has been following suit as they ran away with win #5 today, even with a solid mix of challengers thrown at them. Who's got next?!

  • Mermaids & Volbeat

    As the week comes to an end, we concluded our show with a few bits of knowledge. First off, an important life lesson from Big J. That is, to simply know when to say when. If you are going to attend a concert, take it easy, pace yourself, drink plenty of fluids and try to enjoy the entire show. We saw way too many people at Mayhem that were down for the count before the headliners even stepped foot onto the stage. I mean, if you are going to throw down your hard earned cash on a show, try to enjoy and appreciate your favorite bands while you have the opportunity to do so. Next, we learned about a man who had one goal and achieved it. His goal was to get himself arrested. So he went and did so by jumping up and down on the hood of a police car, causing $8,000 worth of damage and landing himself a spot in jail. Well done sir, well done. Well, the most saddening news of the day was to all the folks out there who actually thought that mermaids existed, because it had to be scientifically proven that they do not. The movie Splash lied to us all. We then had the opportunity to sit down with the lead singer of Volbeat who will be playing a show tonight at The Knitting Factory with Hellyeah and Iced Earth. Be there! Last article of business on this fine Friday is that Halestorm surpassed an early lead from Hyro Da Hero on Cage Match. The will return on Monday with a new challenger soon to be determined.

  • Mayhem Recap, Beef to the Face & The World's Largest Rocky Mountain Oyster Feed

    We kicked off today with a little recap of yesterday's Rockstar Mayhem Festival. The consensus is that we all had a blast, interviewed some great bands during our live broadcast, enjoyed some solid metal and entertaining fireworks. America! That being said, we then aired Big J's backstage interview with Mr. Slayer himself, Kerry King. We then moved to a story about a man who went from enjoying a hamburger with his lady to slamming a burger right into her face. Beef, it's what's dinner. We also learned about a lady who caused a fender bender because she was afraid her ice cream was going to melt. So yeah, I'm thinking her and the hamburger guy should hang out. We also had volunteer firefighter, Nick Piccano, join us in the studio today to talk about The World's Largest Rocky Mountain Oyster Feed. The event takes place at Merrill Park in Eagle on Saturday, July 14th from 5PM to 10PM. There will be live bands, drinks and plenty of bull balls to chomp on. Check out for more info. Lastly, Halestorm rolled over 311 for their third straight win. Hot female rockers, we salute you!

  • Mel Gibson & Big J's DVDumbass Review

    Happy 4th of July everyone!

  • Naked Carjackings & Marc Webb, Director of The Amazing Spiderman

    Bottom line is that if you are a Viagra user, just wrap up your man parts and keep it safe. It's just best for everyone. We also had the chance to sit down with Marc Webb, the Director of The Amazing Spiderman.

  • ESPN Takes a Punch to the Face & Flash Thompson from Spiderman Joins Us

    What happens when ESPN blasts soccer all over our faces? Big J mucks up their face with a giant right hook. That's right ESPN, we've had enough of you and your broadcasts of dudes running up and down a field kicking balls around.

  • Super Glued Toilet Seats & Matt Walsh from Ted

    It's also a good idea to check the toilet seats at Walmart before you pop a squat, because you could very well end up super glued to the seat. If being inside a Walmart isn't already bad enough, I would have to say that being stuck inside a Walmart bathroom would be that much worse.

  • Check Your Drink Labels and New Cage Match Champion

    Today we learned about anti-cheating wedding rings and the importance of checking your drink labels, because quite frankly your daily coffee might actually be poop.

  • Big J Reviews "C'Mon Man" and We Talk with Duncan Trussell

    Big J reviewed "C'Mon Man" on DVDumbass and determined that it should be avoided at all costs. You might as well watch "Keeping Up With The Kardashians". Ok, maybe not. We also sat down with comedian Duncan Trussell.

Nampa, ID

WNW at 6 mph

RoCk WaRs!

RoCk   WaRs

Nic - I    Tie - II   Anj - 0

Monday -  Last weekend marked the anniversary of our first steps on the moon.  Favorite songs about space?  Nic kicks the week off with a win with Ozzy's Bark at the moon beating Big J's David Bowie Space Oddity. Nothing like leaving town a loser. 

Tuesday -   Tooth tattoos?  You've got to be kidding. Stupid idea.  Songs about tattoos...Van Halen Tattoo beats out Rehab Last tattoo. 

Wednesday -  Happy Birthday Slash you super bad ass!  Our favorite Slash songs leave us with the FIRST EVER TIE in Rock Wars with Anj's choice of Welcome to the Jungle and Nic's choice of Ghost. 

Thursday -  Creepiest Song?  Anj creeps out to Type-O Negative Black No1 while Nic creeps out to Avatar The Tower. SECOND EVER TIE in Rock War History.  

Friday -  Rock your asses into the weekend we will. 

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