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  • Big J Bulldozer, Fede Alvarez and a New Cage Match Champion

    We finally have a new Cage Match Champion! Alice In Chains had a fantastic run, but check out today's show blog to find out who won this morning.

  • Today's Bad Impression, Big J's Tech Tour and John Bradley

    Courtesy of radio’s Big J, we learned a little bit about old school vinyl on this week’s “Tech Tour.” Check out the full audio from today's show below.

  • Coco Crashing, John Sanford's Certain Prey and Olga Meridez

    Conan O'Brien made it onto today's "Bad Impressions." Find out why in today's show blog.

  • DVDumbass, Adam Ferrara and Brand New Alice In Chains

    Check out the brand new Alice In Chains track, “Stone,” below and tune into The Morning After at 9:30AM tomorrow morning for new music and then shed your musical opinion at (208) 287-1003.

  • Face Punched Fuel, Adrianne Palicki and Final Four, Finally

    We kicked off the week with a “Punch in the Face” courtesy of radio’s own Big J. This week’s victim: gasoline prices. Why? Find out right here with some audio from today’s show.

  • Big J's Life Lesson, Devour the Day and Important Stuff

    So, this Monday will be April 1st. Yes, it’s April Fools time ladies and gentlemen and Big J has something to say about it. You can catch his full April Fools disclaimer right here.

  • Big J's Tech Tour, Lucas Neff and Gojira

    On this week’s “Tech Tour,” we learned about language translation apps. Big J tested one of these out by interrogating himself in Russian. Just perform a search for “language translator” in your app store and there should be a few options to choose from. On the Samsung side of things, the Galaxy Note III is rumored to have a flexible display. This means that the screen will be so flexible that you can almost fold it in half like a piece of paper. Find more rumors here.

  • Stand Off, The Safety Dance and Dee Wallace

    Today we traveled to Pittsburgh for our GTH story. What happens when you throw a Birthday party and someone decides they want to request “Safety Dance” by Men Without Hats right in the middle of the DJ’s hip-hop set? “We can dance if we want to!” Enjoy the full GTH audio right here.

  • The Fresh Prince, DVDumbass and the Kate Upton Prom Kid

    Will Smith made it to the forefront of “Bad Impressions” today. Why? Find out which role he rejected in today's blog.

  • Big J's Bracket Punch, Bad Motherf@#$er and New Volbeat

    Big J might be the only person in the world to pick #15 Florida Gulf Coast to reach the Sweet Sixteen. However, that’s the only team he has left in his bracket.

  • Big J's Life Lesson, Trip Flip and Concert Announcements

    We made another enormous FREE X Show announcement today. After bringing you Nonpoint and Avatar, our third FREE X Show of the year will be Texas Hippie Coalition at the Knit of Friday, May 3rd. Yes, I said Friday. Be there. Turn it up.

  • Tech Tour, Chuck E. Cheese's Battle Royale and Guns & Hoses

    Today’s GTH story brings us to a Florida Chuck E. Cheese’s where a balls-out battle royale took place. Find out the details right here with the audio pulled from today’s show.

  • The Prince of Darkness, Atlas Shrugged Part 2 and Rex Brown

    Today’s “Bad Impression” is that of an “international treasure” as Big J would say. Ozzy Osbourne made it into the limelight today as he’s gone on record saying that he would love to collaborate on some music with Adele. “I think she’s f@#$ing great. She’s not f@#$ing botox-faced. She’s a normal, healthy girl who speaks in her native accent,” says The Prince of Darkness.

  • DVDumbass, Joelle Carter and New Tunes

    Red Line Chemistry seemed to be well on their way to a Cage Match retirement, and then this happened. A band by the name of Spoken pushed Red Line Chemistry out of the way and will return tomorrow. Check out the track below and tune in every weekday morning at 9:30AM for brand new song fights. Tomorrow’s contender: Devour the Day.

  • Pulling a Pee-Wee, She Shoots and Boise State Scores

    Today’s GTH story takes us to Nic’s home state of Wisconsin where a very Pee-Wee Herman type of incident unfolded. Find out all the details right here.

  • Big J's Life Lesson, Torsten Voges and Weekend Plans

    This week’s “Life Lesson” was all about St. Patrick’s Day shenanigans. Find out why Big J used to sneak out the back of Mulligan’s by clicking right here.

  • Tech Tour, Steak + BJ's and Brent Smith

    It’s been one month since Valentine’s Day, which means today is the man version of Valentine’s Day. Welcome to Steak & BJ Day my friends! You can find out more info right here. Spread the word, or um spread something. As they say over at Nike, “just do it.”

  • Worlds Away, Dennis of Flogging Molly and Headlines

    Random Headlines: a woman in China forced her boyfriend to get a breast reduction because she claimed that they were bigger than hers. A German food company named “The Deli Garage” has created the world’s first edible spray paint. Find more info on the product right here. An Illinois couple noticed that their ultrasound picture looked like a lot like Emperor Palpatine of "Star Wars." You be the judge.

  • DVDumbass, GTH and David Morrissey

    Today’s GTH story brought us to Sallisaw, Oklahoma. Find out what a woman tried selling to raise money while attempting to bail her boyfriend out of jail. Dive in right here. Enjoy.

  • Netflix Tattoo, Boise State Hoops and New Music

    Monday's round of important stuff: an Indiana man got a Netflix tattoo, posted it on Twitter and got a free year of Netflix. The new Alice in Chains album will arrive in May, so stay tuned for more info as we get closer to that. Jim Carrey has confirmed that there is in fact a new “Dumb and Dumber” film on the way. Jeff Daniels is also slated to co-star once again. "Just when I think you couldn't possibly be any dumber, you go and do something like this and totally redeem yourself!"

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