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  • Morning After: 10.23.20

    Always a great show when we get a chance to talk to Comedian, actor, and now director Steve Byrne on the show. His movie, The Opening Act is available on VOD....Read More
  • Morning After: 10.22.20

    We give you a peek into Santa’s Sack, and boy is farming dangerous. Big J breaks out a 2003 Late Night Tv reference....Read More
  • Morning After: 10.21.20

    Can a snake hold a grudge like a Shark in a 80’s blockbuster movie? Apparently it can, and will!...Read More
  • Morning After: 10.20.20

    We talked with Bad Wolves singer Tommy Vext about his part in Sixx A.M. Presents song called Maybe It’s Time. Some kid doused himself with ranch while tripping on something and it was weird....Read More
  • 10.19.20

    We have our winner for the X Rock Murder Mystery.  People stop hiding things up your back yard, even if it is Gold....Read More
  • Morning After: 10.16.20

    Big J’s #LifeLesson was a call back to the “Tip Of The Day” era of the morning after.  Nic’s never tried airline food, and we think a X Rock Murder Mystery Talk show is warranted....Read More

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Best Of The Morning After

  • Morning After: 09.10.20

    Let’s say you wanted to introduce a friend to The Morning After with Nic and Big J. Then this very show might be a great start. We have a little bit of everything in today’s show. Snakes...Read More
  • Clips: Best Of 4

    X-Men, Feet Washing and Five Finger Death Punch....Read More
  • Interview: Chris Jericho (Fozzy & WWE)

    Just one of our several interviews with Chris Jericho. ...Read More
  • GTH: Nose Bite

    Another classy GTH story from the vault....Read More
  • Clips: Best of 3

    Dooty Calls, KISS and Ace of Cakes....Read More
  • Interview: Kirk Hammett (Metallica)

    This interview comes courtesy of Metallica’s December 2009 visit to the Treasure Valley. We were honored to speak with Metallica’s lead guitarist, Kirk Hammett. ...Read More

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