The Morning After

The Morning After Podcast

  • Morning After: 08.10.20

    We had huge Metallica announcement, and Big J moved out one of his kids. It’s a joyous occasion....Read More
  • Morning After: 08.07.20

    Between 100 person brawls and people not knowing the difference between dynamite and beef sticks it was a real interesting show. We also had Elias from Nonpoint join us to talk about the voting bracket they have...Read More
  • Morning After: 08.06.20

    So a 6′ alligator in Nampa Id? Yup. Also some fella has not only been attacked by an alligator, but also a shark. Welcome to animal week on The Morning After....Read More
  • Morning After 08.05.20

    Packed show today! Tony Danza if firing up “Who’s The Boss” again. Big J’s family really wants him to try ‘Paint by Sticker’ for some reason....Read More
  • Morning After: 08.04.20

    Adventures from Casa Big J included a “Cat-Tastrophy” early in the morning. Let us not forget the PSA of don’t leave foreign objects inside your body…EVER!...Read More
  • Morning After: 08.3.20

    Lucky 3 strikes and you’re out doesn’t apply to Positive Corona Virus tests. Other wise Big J would be out. No worries he feels fine.  Though some people should remember the Golden rule and not touch themselves...Read More

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Best Of The Morning After

  • Clips: Best Of 4

    X-Men, Feet Washing and Five Finger Death Punch....Read More
  • Interview: Chris Jericho (Fozzy & WWE)

    Just one of our several interviews with Chris Jericho. ...Read More
  • GTH: Nose Bite

    Another classy GTH story from the vault....Read More
  • Clips: Best of 3

    Dooty Calls, KISS and Ace of Cakes....Read More
  • Interview: Kirk Hammett (Metallica)

    This interview comes courtesy of Metallica’s December 2009 visit to the Treasure Valley. We were honored to speak with Metallica’s lead guitarist, Kirk Hammett. ...Read More
  • Clips: Best Of 2

    Armbars, Al Pacino impressions and bearded Americans. ...Read More

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