The Morning After

The Morning After Podcast

  • Morning After: 02.19.20

    We learned that science isn’t really sure about how many steps you take, and that you should always check your helmet before getting on your motorcycle. At least in India anyways....Read More
  • Morning After: 02.18.20

    Really any day you get to talk to Ray Luzier from Korn is a good day. Add on top that we heard a story about a shoplifter who got tased naked. Equal a very good day indeed....Read More
  • Morning After: Ray Luzier (Korn)

    Korn will be hitting the Ford Idaho Center Arena on Monday. We had a chance to talk with drummer Ray Luzier in advance of the show. Photo Courtesy of Katarzyna Cepek photography For ticket info Click on...Read More
  • Morning After: 02.14.20

    Lots of Valentines Day advice. We had the chance to give away some very nice Earnings thanks to Lee Reed Idahos Diamond Jeweler....Read More
  • Morning After: 02.13.20

    According to a new study Golfing can help you live longer, but it may not be worth it for Nic. We talked to Karalie and Jeremy DeLuca about their upcoming annual Masquerade Ball to raise money for...Read More
  • Morning After 2.12.20

    We announced the next Free X Show! Don’t call Big J a joke maker, and lay off the Gin before a flight....Read More

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Best Of The Morning After

  • Clips: Best Of 4

    X-Men, Feet Washing and Five Finger Death Punch....Read More
  • Interview: Chris Jericho (Fozzy & WWE)

    Just one of our several interviews with Chris Jericho. ...Read More
  • GTH: Nose Bite

    Another classy GTH story from the vault....Read More
  • Clips: Best of 3

    Dooty Calls, KISS and Ace of Cakes....Read More
  • Interview: Kirk Hammett (Metallica)

    This interview comes courtesy of Metallica’s December 2009 visit to the Treasure Valley. We were honored to speak with Metallica’s lead guitarist, Kirk Hammett. ...Read More
  • Clips: Best Of 2

    Armbars, Al Pacino impressions and bearded Americans. ...Read More

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