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Nic & Big J (Photo by KATARZYNA CEPEK)

Name: Big J
Twitter Handle: @bigjxman
Shift: The Morning After - M-F 6a-10a & Sunday Mornings 6a-12p
Years with The X: 17
Favorite Movie: Convoy
Favorite Band: Metallica
Hobbies/Interests: Xbox-ing, movie watching, leaving inflammatory social media posts then ghosting them!
Last Fight You Were In: Does getting sucker-punched in the face at an Evelogic show count? 
Favorite Thing To Do In Boise: Go to Free X Shows
Website I Check At Least 3 Times A Day: Blabbermouth
Favorite Superhero: The Punisher
Thing Everyone Else Loves That You Hate: Hawaii 
Social Security Number: Your Mom 
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