Hundreds of clients, local & otherwise, have seen success in working with 100.3 The X (KQXR-FM) in attracting a qualified audience to access their products and services. For demographic, time availability and rate information, please direct inquiries to:

Brook Bender, Local Sales Manager (208) 947-5410
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About E. W. Scripps, Inc.

Scripps owns four radio stations and KIVI-TV and KSAW-TV, the ABC affiliates in the Boise and Twin Falls markets.

Scripps is a company where competing truths coexist.

We are proud of our long and rich history, but we stay fixated on the future.

We are creating digital media brands that complement and support our successful television and radio stations but also some that could compete with and disrupt them.

We employ accomplished journalists who have earned prestigious industry awards and have authority with audiences. But we're also a band of contrarians who challenge the process and push ourselves to do new things.

We are obsessed with being right, but we're not afraid to experiment and, occasionally, to fail.

We have a conservative financial ethos, but we use it to support an opportunistic and, at times, counterintuitive investing strategy.

We were birthed by newspapers, and we nurtured cable systems and cable networks. We loved them all, but we set them free.

We are comfortable with these kinds of disruptive ideas and contradictory facts. And that leads to a culture where our thriving broadcast business works side by side with emerging digital brands. Together these businesses create a financially attractive news and information company whose employees want to improve the circumstances of those we serve. In the words of our longtime motto, we give light and the people will find their own way.

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