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The X Playlist

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#1 Five Finger Death Punch - Jekyl & Hyde

Currently, probably the biggest rock band in America. Coming off their first number one album on the Billboard charts. Sold out shows in Arenas across the country. It's good to be in FFDP.

#2 Shinedown - Cut The Cord

It's been 3 long years since we have heard anything from the band Shinedown. Well, they are back. And this's personal! The new album will be out soon, please enjoy this short preview of said album in song form.

#3 Disturbed - The Vengeful One

Look who just went ahead and popped up without telling anyone they had a record coming out! Hey Disturbed, how are you? Nice to see you again. You haven't changed a bit. That's just how we like it. Enjoy your stay.

#4 - Pop Evil - Footsteps

These guys have worked their tails off to get where they are. It's always great to see the good guys win for once. These Michigan rockers just released their new album "Up" and we highly recommend it.

#5 Slipknot - Killpop

Corey Taylor is not a fan of pop music in general. This song shows his distain for it and everything about it. We tend to agree with him. It's pretty awful. Thanks for listening to rock music by the way. We like that. Keep it up.

#6 Highly Suspect - Lydia

Here's a new band on the scene from New York City. Apparently Lydia is a real gal who used to date the lead singer. Bet she is regretting that whole moving on thing now, right? Mistake. Big one.

#7 Saint Asonia - Better Place

Say what you will Adam Gontier (formerly the lead singer of Three Days Grace) knows how to write a damn hit song. He has recruited Mike Mushuk (of Staind), Corey Lowery (of Eye Empire) and the drummer from Finger Eleven to put this band together. Supergroup alert!

#8 Red Sun Rising - The Otherside

These guys were just in town and took care of business, as they always tend to do! We love them, they love you, it's a damn love-fest. You love that, don't ya?

#9 Foo Fighters - Outside

This just in, Dave Grohl can do no wrong. No wrong. He is a man among boys, a scholar among a box of idiots. One day we are to be married. That came off as creepy, huh? Yeah. Sorry.

#10 Trapt - Passenger

Why don't you take the wheel? It's a pretty good question. Do you have an answer? Probably not, you are always on your cell phone when we are in the car. Knock it off.

#11 Breaking Benjamin - Angel's Fall

Serious question. Where do Angels go if they take a nasty fall? Angel hospital? I think they would, but then because it's Heaven, they would fix the problem almost instantly. We would watch a show called Angel Hospital. Starring Jon Lovitz.

#12 The Struts - Could Have Been Me

There are topless women in the video to this song. Real women that don't have shirts on. Has that been done before? We would have to check, but we think it is. Groundbreaking. Good stuff guys.

#13 Papa Roach - Gravity

This song has a little help from Maria Brink from In This Moment. Zero help from Sir Issac Newton. All he did was discover gravity with a damn apple. Little to no respect for one of science's pioneers. Do they even mention them in the song? No. They do not.

#14 P.O.D. - This Goes Out To You

Look at you, you have an entire song written for you by the Cali Rock band P.O.D.! That's pretty awesome, you must be a pretty good person all things considered. We hope to one day have a song written about us. Nicely done!

#15 Ghost - Cirice

Sweden's Ghost is a hard band to describe. We here at The X have been playing this band for years, this is the first song you guys have called up and requested. Thanks for coming around, take your time.

#16 Bring Me The Horizon - Throne

England's biggest rock band? The new Beatles? Allergic to sunflowers? We feel like Bring Me The Horizon is at least 2 of these things. We will let you decide which 2. Enjoy.

#17 Starset - Halo

I'm not so sure we know anymore about the secret messages that this band has in their music courtesy of the Starset Society. But, we do know these guys are a great band and this song about Angels fighting demons, or something. Doesn't matter. It's a great song.

#18 Chris Cornell - Nearly Forgot My Broken Heart

The lead singer of Soundgarden is here and has a new solo album out. Completely Timbaland free. Rock wins! Song fact: Original title of this song -- Nearly Forgot My Cell Phone on My Counter A Home. Close call, everyone!

#19 We Are Harlot - Someday

Ladies, Danny Worsnop wants you to know that he would really like to make sweet love to you. He will totally call you the next day and you will probably be wearing his letter jacket by the end of the week. This song is about that. We think.

#20 Wilson - Right To Rise

This power band out of Detroit rocked your world at The X's Birthday Bash #1 and now they rock your world every day on the radio. That's what we call natural progression, folks. These guys are awesome!

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