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#1 Korn - Hater

You can't bring them down; at least that's what the song says. Online trolling has become the fuel of the rock song these days. But you know what, this band has been writing kick-ass rock songs for over 20 years. That's 20 years longer than us.

#2 Five Finger Death Punch - The Wrong Side Of Heaven and The Righteous Side Of Hell

Listen, this is an incredibly amazing song that has helped donate a ton of money to Veterans charities. That's a really cool thing. However, this song's title is too long. So from now on we will refer to it as FFDP - TWSOHATRSOH. Thank you.

#3 Slipknot - Devil In I

Welcome back Slipknot! It's so good to see and hear you again. Please, sit down. Stay a while. Can I take your coat, or? Awesome. So, what's new? Oh, a new drummer and bass player. That's cool with me. You have to go? Ok! Take care!!

#4 Royal Blood - Figure It Out

Here is a brand new two-piece band out of England. Listen to this song and then now that the guitarist only plays the bass guitar. BOOM. Mind blown. That's how good these guys are.

#5 In This Moment - Sick Like Me

Maria Brink and the boys are returning with a brand new album called “Black Widow”, and this is the first taste of it. Judging by this song, the group is back and firing on all cylinders.

#6 Foo Fighters – Something From Nothing

Welcome back, Dave Grohl! This one is the first taste we get off the new Foo CD “Sonic Highways”. Big J described it perfectly, it’s like every Foo Fighters song in one. Starts out all acoustically and sexy, then it builds to a nice hard rock anthem. Throw in some Holy Diver and funk, and you are there!

#7 Godsmack – Something Different

Nevermind the title, the song really is a bit of a departure from the guys in Godsmack. Sully will be doing a solo tour to wrap up 2014, but it looks like 2015 should be a pretty busy year for the boys from Boston. Keep an eye on them!

#8 Three Days Grace – I Am Machine

There are few bands out there that you could label as “hitmakers”, yet Three Days Grace certainly qualify. No matter what they put out, you guys love it and it eventually tops the charts. Bow down to your future number one song. BOW DOWN!

#9 Seether – Same Damn Life

Brand new Seether music for your earholes, and it's damn good. Yes, the beginning of this song is borrowed from a 60’s hit. Bonus points if you can figure out which one! Nice!!

#10 Islander – Coconut Dracula

Sadly, this is not a love song about cereal that only comes out around Halloween, which is disappointing. The good news is, this song is still damn awesome. Listen to it always!

#11 Adelita's Way – Save The World

Ladies love Rick DeJesus from Adelita's Way. And why not? He's tall, handsome, by all indications a great father, we can even say he smells great. Oh, and he's one hell of a songwriter. What's not to love?

#12 Asking Alexandria – Moving On

These guys personify what rock stars should be. They are rarely awake before 2 p.m., mostly drunk, probably have more than 3 ladies in their beds and they make great music. Rock is not dead, my friends.

#13 Volbeat – Doc Holiday

Currently on the road with Five Finger Death Punch and tearing up the world. Rumor has it that the guys will take a few months off and then jump back into the studio and record some new stuff! Sweet!!

#14 AC/DC – Play Ball

The lineup may have changed a bit, however the sound and the vibe remain the same. The new album is looking us right in the eye and we are proud to give you the first taste from one of the best and greatest bands in Rock N Roll.

#15 Nonpoint – Breaking Skin

One of your favorite bands, Boise. We know it and you know it. Embrace the awesomeness and go get their latest album “The Return”. It’s that good and so is this song.

#16 Like A Storm – Wish You Hell

Our new best friends from New Zealand and they are making it happen, like on the real. They rocked it out at a Free X Show earlier this year and now they move on to conquer the world! They will do it too. Promise.

#17 Nothing More – Mr. MTV

Every magazine has a rock bands to watch list. Even People and Entertainment Weekly. That may not be true, but if they did…Nothing More would be on that list. They are certainly on ours. We love this band, and you should too!

#18 - Mastodon – The Motherload

This song had to be retired from Cage Match, that is how much you like it. Now, keep requesting it so it can make its way up the charts here. Never give up, never surrender.

#19 Kongos – I’m Only Joking

Look at this song! It’s got swear words in it. That ups the cool level at least 3 points. Check it out!

#20 Shaman’s Harvest - Dangerous

Oh, hi Shaman’s Harvest! We will see you at the Knitting Factory on November 13th for Show Us Your Cans. It will be awesome. You guys like rock? Oh, well you are gonna dig this then. Enjoy!

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