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The X Playlist

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#1 Linkin Park - Guilty All The Same

We aren't going to sit here and lie to you. The last few Linkin Park albums have left us wanting more. Things like GUITAR, any guitar at all would have been nice! The good news is, the band has clearly heard our calls all the way from Boise, ID and the new song and the new album sound legit!

#2 Pop Evil - Torn To Pieces

Here is a tune the lead singer wrote after the passing of his father. The song really does take on a new meaning after you know that fact. If you knew that and you still don't like the song. Go look for your soul, you lost it somewhere.

#3 Three Days Grace - Painkiller

This is the first song by the band in which we get to hear their new singer, Matt. Pretty damn good song, unless of course you find yourself struggling with an addicition to painkillers. Then this song is just a haunting reminder of how everyday is a battle.

#4 Royal Blood - Out Of The Black

Here is a brand new two-piece band out of England. Listen to this song and then now that the guitarist only plays the bass guitar. BOOM. Mind blown. See them open for the Pixies this fall, you won't be sorry.

#5 Starset - My Demons

There is a lot going on with this band, it's almost difficlut to describe, but in the best way possible. Long story short, there were transmissions set from the past and the future all to the Starset society and now this band gets those messages out in their music. There you have it.

#6 Nothing More - This Is The Time

BAND YOU NEED TO PAY ATTENTION TO ALERT! This song is awesome, there is no debate there. But this is a band that you NEED to expierence live, you will not be sorry. Listen to the X, we will probably give you a few chances to do that soon.

#7 Avenged Sevenfold - This Means War

Raise your hand if you are out of your mind pumped for Mayhem Fest on July 9th! Finally this band returns to the Treasure Valley! Oh, and Korn, Trivium, THC and the rest fo the bands on the bill are not bad either.

#8 Avatar - Bloody Angel

What more can we say about these guys? You love them, and they love you. They call Boise their American home, which is a pretty sweet thing to say. Please, check out their new album 'Hail The Apocalypse' it is an awesome trip down metal lane.

#9 Seether - Words As Weapons

Brand new Seether music for your earholes, and it's damn good. Better news, the band is coming in to play the State Fair this year. I know! A rock show at the fair. Pack a lunch and bring some extra cash for an Elephant Ear or at least a corn dog. You've earned it.

#10 Theory Of A Deadman - Drown

Ever since this band got into that fight with Nickelback, things have been pointed in the right direction. We are going out on a limb here, but we think this may be the best song Theory has released. But don't take our word for it....(reading rainbow)

#11 Adelita's Way - Dog On A Leash

Ladies love Rick DeJesus from Adelita's Way. And why not? He's tall, handsome, by all indications a great father, we can even say he smells great. Oh, and he's one hell of a songwriter. What's not to love?

#12 Asking Alexandria - Break Down The Walls

Another band that will return to the Treasure Valley with Mayhem Fest. These guys personify what rock stars should be. They are rarely awake before 2 p.m., mostly drunk, probably have more than 3 ladies in their beds and they make great music. Rock is not dead, my friends.

#13 We As Human - Take The Bullets Away

It's our friends that once called Idaho home! We As Human, not bad guys! Oh and if that young lady that is screaming her heart out sounds familiar to you, that is Lacey, the former lead singer of Flyleaf. Good to hear you screaming again Lacey!

#14 Bobaflex - I'm Glad You're Dead

This is a song about a man who clearly was not a  very nice dude. Now, I don't know the guy...but I do know do not want a band singing this song after you have passed away. That's a pretty big life fail right there.

#15 Like A Storm - Love The Way You Hate Me

Our new best friends from New Zealand and they are making it happen, like on the real. They rocked it out at our latest Free X Show and now they move on to conquer the world! They will do it too. Promise.

#16 Black Stone Cherry - Me And Mary Jane

We can not confirm nor deny that this song is about the use of recreational marijuana. I mean, it might be, But also, the lead singer could totally have a committed relationship with a young lady named Mary Jane. It's probably about pot, though.

#17 Kyng - Electric Halo

If you are one of those people that thinks that rock music just sounded better in the 70's and 60' are wrong and you need to expand your horizions. That being said, this song is probably your favorite. At the end of the day, you have pretty good taste because this is a tasty jam. Good work dude, sorry I blew up at you.

#18 - Mastodon - High Road

This song had to be retired from Cage Match, that is how much you like it. Now, keep requesting it so it can make it's way up the charts here. Never give up, never surrender.

#19 Alter Bridge - Cry Of Achillies

Did you see the viral video of that poor bastard on Wheel Of Fortune that couldn't pronounce the name "Achillies" and so he didn't solve the puzzle? It was very sad. We think this song is about that. Pretty sure it is, you guys.

#20 Hell Yeah - Blood For Blood

Oh, hi Hell Yeah! We will see you at the Knitting Factory in September. It will be awesome. You guys like hard rock? Oh, well you are gonna dig this then. Enjoy!

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