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The X Playlist

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#1 Korn - Never Never

The new album is out. The kids love it and so do you. God willing and the sea don't rise, we'll have these guys around these parts again soon and you can see it live.

#2 Papa Roach - Leader Of The Broken Hearts

Oh P. Roach, you ARE the new Black! That's a reference to another Papa Roach song and they are a good band. You should check out their album "Connection". Because it is good and you like good things.

#3 Alice In Chains - Voices

Now this song has a pretty dark message. Someone is slowly going insane and they are politely asking you if you are equally crazy. The answer should be no. But if it is yes, then you should probably book some couch time. Stat.

#4 Bobaflex - Bad Man

Man you guys love this band! Good news, they are coming back to town. On November 6th at the Knitting Factory. This show is going to be insane. With a capital INSANE.

#5 Soil - Shine On

The return of Ryan McCombs to the glory of Soil. They will be here with Bobaflex, but more importantly, pick up the album "Whole" because it is pretty damn awesome front to back.

#6 Three Days Grace - Misery Loves My Company

This is a record setting song for the boys in TDG. It is their 11th #1 song in their career. Listen, I don't care who you are, that is pretty damn impressive. You should write them a postcard and tell them Congrats!

#7 Five Finger Death Punch - Battle Born

FFDP have a brand new album coming out in November. But you're all "Wait, the X...they already released an album this year!" Well, yes person reading this. They have, but they are doing it again. That's pretty cool. Right?

#8 Volbeat - Lola Montez

A true song (story?) about a stripper in the old west. Why they picked her? We have no idea, but apparently she left quite the impact. Song writing 200 years later. Deal with that!

#9 Devour The Day - Good Man

From the ashes of the now-broken-up Egypt Central comes our friends in Devour The Day. Joey and Blake have worked their asses off to put together this album and it shows. If you don't like this song, there is something stuck in your earholes. See a doctor. Because that doctor needs to take care of that earhole jam you have.

#10 In This Moment - Whore

Oh man, let's whore it up! In This Moment has one of the best albums of the year in "Blood". They are coming back to town on November 23rd. It's going to be a good show. You should go. I mean it.

#11 Red - Die For You

Were you at our Free X Show with Red at the Knitting Factory? Because it was completely packed. And we appreciate it more than you know, Billy. Thanks for that.

#12 Stone Sour - Tired

Corey Taylor is pretty awesome. He has done comic books, multiple bands, guest appearances on other albums. He has built a house out of gold and bones. HUMAN gold and bones. But it leads to good albums. That's all we care about.

#13 Shinedown - Adenaline

Ladies and gentlemen, the band that can do no wrong: Shinedown. They are about to tour the country again, we think. I mean, aren't they always tourning someplace. Seems like it. Suffice it to say they know what they are doing when it comes to rock.

#14 Red Light King - Born To Rise

One of our favorite bands from the Great White North. Red Light King returns and this time it is personal! They have a new album coming out and a video in which they do motorcycle tricks. Tricks on f*&king motorcycles, you guys!

#15 Pop Evil - Deal With The Devil

We've brought these guys in for a Free X Show before, now they are all grows up. Just a word of advice, do NOT make a deal with the devil. Dude is just looking out for himself. He's kind of a jerk.

#16 Sevendust - Picture Perfect

Oh how we love us some Sevendust. Keep up the good work boys. We are all very proud of you!

#17 All That Remains - What If I Were Nothing

Just in time for Thanksgiving our buddies in ATR are returning to the Treasure Valley on Nov. 26th at the Knitting Factory. Keep listening to the X, we will give you a chance to grub it up with the band in time for Turkey Day.

#18 - We As Human - Strike Back

This song had to be retired from Cage Match, that is how much you like it. Now, keep requesting it so it can make it's way up the charts here. Never give up, never surrender.

#19 Asking Alexandria - The Death Of Me

This British import has sold out almost every time they have come to Boise. They have found a nice home on the X. If you like your rock stars partying and rarely sober and you like your rock will like this band.

#20 Bring Me The Horizon - Go To Hell, For Heaven's Sake

Oh, hi Bring Me The Horizon. Welcome to The X. Put your bags down. We will take them right to your room. Enjoy your stay!

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