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The X Playlist

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#1 Halestorm - Apocalyptic

Lzzy Hale and the crew in Halestorm will return to the Treasure Valle this summer. Before they do, you need to memorize the lyrics and guitar tabs for this song. Because it's new and you want to look cool when you are singing along at the show, right? Of course you do!

#2 Foo Fighters - Congregation

Dave Grohl can do no wrong. This man is a one-person ambassador to all things rock. If you don't like him: there is probably something wrong with you. Someone had to say it. Might as well be us. Work on that.

#3 The Pretty Reckless - Follow Me Down

Taylor Momen. Hi, how are you? We are The X! Just a cool rock station here in Boise, Idaho. Listen, if you aren't too busy, would you like to maybe grab a bite to eat or a drink or something? What? Oh, you have something going on?, that's cool. It was good to meet you. Bye.

#4 Slash - Bent To Fly

Myles Kennedy again performs vocals on this great track off of Slash's latest album. We need to get this guy and his band to Boise to play a show. Enough is enough. Plus, you haven't lived until you hear Myles bust out Sweet Clild Of Mine live. It's awesome.

#5 Offspring - Coming For You

The Offspring have returned as well! Don't call it a comeback, fo they have been here for years. They aren't going to be releasing a full album anytime soon, but what do you care? You don't buy CD's anyway. Everything is downloaded one song at a time. So download this one. You kids today, what with your Nintendo's and 8 tracks!

#6 Bring Me The Horizon - Drown

This band has sold so many records it's silly. They are one of the biggest rock bands in the world. This is the third track from this band that The X has played. You should love them by now. What are you waiting for?

#7 We Are Harlot - Dancing On Nails

Danny Warsnop used to be the lead singer in Asking Alexandria. Now, he is the lead singer in We Are Harlot. Good news! Both bands are amazing and this is a great example of it. Check out this jammy jam!

#8 Like A Storm – Wish You Hell

Our new best friends from New Zealand and they are making it happen, like on the real. They rocked it out at the HellYeah show earlier this year and now they move on to conquer the world! They will do it too. Promise.

#9 Incubus - Absolution Calling

No disrepect to Incubus, but it's nice to hear them rocking out a bit again. This song sounds like it is off of "Morning View" and that is not a bad thing at all. Also, Brandon Boyd -- still shirtless! LADIES!!

#10 All That Remains - This Probably Won't End Well

The first dance at Jeremy Renner's wedding! TOPICAL COMEDY!! Look it up. Seriously, this album looks to be a return to form for ATR and even though this isn't the most positive outlook heading into a relationship, it's at least an outlook. You can't argue that.

#11 Zac Brown Band f/Chris Cornell - Heavy Is The Head

Dude: Oh My Goodness, that's a really cool song! Is that Chris Cornell from Soundgarden on vocals killing it on that song? It almost sounds like Audioslave! The X: That was The Zac Brown Band... Dude: WHAT THE F--- X? YOU ARE PLAYING COUNTRY MUSIC ON YOUR STATION NOW?!?! Don't be that guy. That guy is dumb.

#12 Breaking Benjamin - Failure

It's been 6 long years since we have heard anything from the band Breaking Benjamin. Well, they are back. And this's personal! The new album will be out soon, please enjoy this short preview of said album in song form.

#13 Three Days Grace - Human Race

What's this? A Three Days Grace song with a guitar solo in it? A real guitar solo? Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus! It's damn good one at that.

#14 Muse - Psycho

This is one of the biggest bands in rock. There is no denying that. It's nice that they put out a big, badass guitar-driven song that we can play and you love! Maybe this means the band will finally come to town and put on an amazing live show? Hello??

#15 Starset - Carnivore

I'm not so sure we know anymore about the secret messages that this band has in their music courtesy of the Starset Society. But, we do know these guys are a great band and this song about eating meat, so something. Maybe the Starset Society is really the Idaho Beef Council. CONSPIRACY!!

#16 Theory Of A Deadman - Angel

One of your favorite bands, Boise. We know it and you know it. Embrace the awesomeness and go get their latest album “Savages”. It’s that good and so is this song.

#17 Amaranthe - Drop Dead Cynical

Between Avatar, Lacuna Coil, In Flames and this band, we think it's safe to say The X is your home for Eurpoean hard rock. These guys and gal from Sweden are starting to pick up steam and you proved that by voting for them on Cage Match. If you listen to the X and loved a song you heard, but didn't know what it was...I bet it was this song.

#18 Otherwise - Coming For The Throne

Inspried by the hit television show and series of books: Game Of Thrones, our friends from Las Vegas state their claim as the one and only true King. There will be blood! Winter is coming? Nay! Otherwise is coming! None of that is true.

#19 Devour The Day - Faith

These guys were just in town and took care of business, as they always tend to do! We love them, they love you, it's a damn love-fest. You love that, don't ya?

#20 - Royal Blood - Little Monster

Your favorite English duo is back with a vengence. You have heard 3 songs of their debut album and all of them have been great. So at this point you should be wind sprinting to your nearest record store and purchase the album. It's the smart thing to do!

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