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Road Trip To ROTR 2015 Recap!

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Well, we drove over 100,000 miles (that number is made up) in 11 days from Boise, Idaho to Columbus, Ohio and back just for you. All the while, stopping at different cities and cool places in the country to do our morning show LIVE. Oh yeah, and once again...we brought along a videographer from 2 See Video Productions to capture the whole adventure.

Here's the recap:

Yes, we know what it looks like.

Day One - TRAVEL DAY, NERDS! 13 Hours from Boise to Denver.

We were a little loopy after 13 hours on the road

But, we got up the next morning to do the show:

Day Two - Live Broadcast from The Downtown Aquarium in Denver, Colorado

Fish N Sharks N Cool People N Stuff.

Day Three - Live Broadcast from the John Wayne Birthplace Museum in Winterset, Iowa

 Saddle, up...Partner

 Days Four thru Seven -- Columbus, Ohio for:

Hell to the yeah.

Interview MADNESS!! - Live Broadcasts from Rock On The Range in Ohio

Nic & Big J talked to over 35 bands at this year's ROTR! Here's a sampling of the best!

Big J on Slash's Bus!

Ben from Breaking Benjamin
Young Guns
Saint Asonia
Jim Root of Slipknot
Jacoby from Papa Roach
Maria and Chris from In This Moment
Sully and Shannon from Godsmack
Of Mice & Men
Bjorne from in Flames
Rob from Volbeat
Lzzy and Joe From Halestom
Taylor and Ben from The Pretty Reckless
Danny and Jeff from We Are Harlot
Shaman's Harvest
Johnny from Highly Suspect
Red Sun Rising
Jake from Crobot 


Let's Get Back On The Road!

This place even looks bad ass on the outside!

Day Eight - Live Broadcast from the Johnny Cash Museum in Nashville, TN

 This place was nothing short of amazing!

A wall covered in action figures? Thank you, Jesus!

Day Nine - Live broadcast from The Toy & Action Figure Museum in Pauls Valley, OK!

Kevin is literally one of the most interesting people we have ever met!

Day Ten - Live Broadcast from Breaking Bad RV Tours, Albuquerque, NM

Science, Bitch! 

Day Eleven - Live Broadcast from Dinosaur Park in Ogden, UT

That's the whole trip, we called it:

The X's Road Trip to Rock On The Range 2015

From Bish's RV...Commercial Tire, 2See Video and:




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Nampa, ID

at 0 mph

100.3 The X