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ROTR: Cannonball Recap!

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^^This was ROTR 2013^^

 Nic and Big J travelled to Rock On The Range 2013 in Columbus, Ohio for the 5th straight year. That's 10 days, 5000 miles, 29 bands interviewed and countless memories gained if you are keeping track at home. Here are some highlights of the places we went and bands we chatted with:

Pics from the road:

Here is the Team Mazda CX-5. This thing got some great gas milage!


Not gonna lie, we saw a ton of this...

Up first, Nic and Big J travelled to:

     ·        A Drive In Movie Motel in Colorado

The Movie Manor Motor Inn in Monte Vista, Colorado

This was the view from our room. You could watch a drive-in movie from your bed!

Every room wired for movie sound. This place was bad ass!

·        The Budweiser Brewery in St. Louis, MO

The Bud-Mobile as we called it.

They make more than just Bud and Bud Light

All that beer you drink while avoiding your family? This is what it's made from.

·        The Superman Museum in Illinois

Metopolis, Illinois has this huge Superman statue outside City Hall. Pretty cool, huh?

Our hotel had Superman slots. Nic won, Big J...not so much. (Bonus old guy stink eye!)

The Super Museum had a little of everything. Even old logos.

Of course, the holy grail of comics. Action Comics #1. Don't touch!!

·        The Birthplace of Kool-Aid in Nebraska

Hastings Museum, Hastings, Nebraska. The home of Kool-Aid!

Old school adverts! And yes, the whole place smelled like Kool Aid.

You think you are getting out of this without an "Oh Yeah!" reference? Oh No!!

·        A Haunted Prison in Wyoming


The Wyoming Territorial Prison in Laramie. Look creepy? That's cuz it is.

The mugshot of the dude that haunts the place. Looks friendly. Not. Crazy. At. All.

It was the only prison to hold Butch Cassidy. Here is his ghost, apparently.

Guard's Nest. No talking! It was a silent prison. Anyone caught talking got "strung up"

Let's not forget that Nic and Big J also went to the largest rock festival in America and chatted it up some of the biggest bands in the world. Here are some of our favorites from ROTR. (Fair Warning: Some of these have NSFW Language)

 If you want to check out all the interviews, here's Nic and Big J's YouTube Channel

 Papa Roach 

Steel Panther

Asking Alexandria

Bullet For My Valentine


All That Remains


It's The Morning After's Cannonball Run to Rock On The Range, presented by:

The boys will be driving a brand new Mazda CX-5 Courtesy of the coolest people ever at:

Fueled by:



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Nampa, ID

ESE at 5 mph

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