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Punch in the Face, Slipknot and Old dudes RULE

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  MTV VMA's!  Seriously what do these people think they know about music anymore.  Clearly NOTHING! Rock music performed by non rock artists is NOT ROCK MUSIC! When even the performers question their nomination you know all hope is lost for MTV.  Big J says it best HERE.


 Slipknot..nuff said.


Old Guys Rule.  They just do.

Happy 65th Birthday Gene Simmons


And a Happy 63rd Birthday to you Sir Rob Halford.


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Nampa, ID

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RoCk WaRs!

RoCk   WaRs

Nic - I   Big J - I

Monday - This day in history was was the day that D.B. Cooper made his big get away.  Best songs about crime?  Big J nails the first win of the week with Beastie Boys Rhymin and Stealin beating Nic's choice of Papa Roach Getting Away with Murder. 

Tuesday -  Happy Birthday Tim Armstrong!  In honor of you we will war with your songs.  Big J loses with Transplants getting his arse kicked by Nic's choice of Rancid.  Well played. 

Wednesday -  Let us war with bands we are Thankful for this year.  Anj wins her last rock war with Volbeat Lola Montez beating Nic's choice of Nothingmore This is The Time. 

Thursday -  THANKSGIVING! We are busy feeding our faces! No time to war. 

Friday -   Black Friday War?  

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