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Little baby Linkin Park, rain song and Poop

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Staramba USA Corp has now come up with a way that YOU, the fan can have the ultimate selfie made. The 3D imaging company will offer fans the opportunity to have a 3D body scan and print of themselves with Linkin Park during the bands The Hunting Party tour.  You get little baby figurenes of yourself and Linkin Park for the outstanding price of $300 per figurene.  Cool.. but kinda creepy.. but cool. 

Seriously MOTHER NATURE quit f*ing with us and rain already!  

Until you do we will listen to awesome songs about rain


Wgth >  Seriously we are. and Japan will lead us there.  Listen HERE then check it out below. Gross...but kinda cool...but weird. 


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Nampa, ID

NNE at 7 mph

RoCk WaRs!

RoCk   WaRs

Nic -   Big J -  Tie - I

Monday -  It's a day without Big J but we still must war with rock.  Today is the 4th anniversary of Audio Secrecy by Stone Sour.  Nic chooses Mission Statement tieing with Anj's choice of Say you'll Haunt me. 

Tuesday - Rock War 

Wednesday - Hump Day War of Rock

Thursday -  ROCK!

Friday - Weekend kickoff with a little ROCK WAR!

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