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Guess who's back, Guardians of the Galaxy, Father of the Year and there is no place like home

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    Guess who's back!  That's right radio's Big J is back! He, being the awesome dude he is, took his family on a vacation to sunny California.  Part of his trip was taking his lovely daughters to the San Diego Comic Con.  Many people dream of attending this particular Con so he brought back some advice for those of you who plan to do so.  Listen to not only his experience but his expert advice HERE.

Finally the movie we have all been waiting for opens TODAY! Oh yeah baby


Wgth > Father of the year!  A father in Brazil decided it would be a good idea to take his sons to the zoo so his 3 year old son could witness his 11 year old son get his damn hand chomped off by a tiger after Dad himself helped the kid over the HUGE secuity barrier.  Awesome move dad.  Thanks for the MEmories. 

There is no place like home. Boise loves Rock music and good rock music at that! not many places in this country you can find good stuff on the radio just ask Big J. He was thankful when his airwaves lit up with the likes of good ass rock music like this.  


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Nampa, ID

S at 5 mph

RoCk WaRs!

RoCk   WaRs

Nic - II    Big J - II

Monday - Scott Weiland you made it to a birthday we all hoped to see but weren't quite sure we would..happy 47th birthday Sir!  Nic wins with STP Vasoline beating Big J's choice of Audioslave Slither. 

Tuesday -  Bands with the worst names...Big J's choice of Butthole Surfers beats out Nic's choice of Hoobastank.  

Wednesday - Sad songs make people feel better? Weird. Weird enough to do a sad song battle.  Sadly Big J wins with Mad World by Gary Jules beating Nic's sad choice of Staind Something to Remind You. P.S..we think this study is WRONG. 

Thursday - Happy Birthday to Gavin Rosdale.  49 years old and still delicious as ever.  Best Gavin songs...Nic proves victorious chosing Swallow over Big J's Mouth choice. Mouth and Swallow..??  Maybe it's not just the ladies who love Gavin..

Friday - HALLOWEEN war of ROCK!

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