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Congratulations America, GROSS!, dinner on a train

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 CONGRATULATIONS AMERICA!  New studies show that 80% of us are in debt up to our eyeballs and we smoke more weed than any other country in the world! Ahhh the pride of being an American. Thanks Obama!



Wgth >  GROSS!  All peoples are entitled to their thoughts of what is acceptable. It's part of having our own God given minds. But, No matter what nationality, color, race or gender you are, allowing your toddler to take a poop on their seat right in the middle of a flight from Beijing to Detroit is totally GROSS! No wonder there is a tourist's etiquitte guide book for China.  

Lacy Sturm formerly of Flyleaf.  4' 11" vocal powerhouse.

Dinner on a train just took on a whole new meaning. A woman in Canada was actually plucking a bird and eating some of the meat while she commuted home on a public train!.  Its cool to eat organic and fresh and all but seriously this is a whole new level. 


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