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Right way and wrong way, creepiness, New Smashing Pumpkins

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 Wgth >  There is a right way and a wrong way to go about cooling off folks.  Fan yourself or remove clothing = right way.  Gouge your eyes out with a home made knife = wrong way! Complete opposite of what you should do ever GEEZ extreme!  A prisoner in a Nottingham prison did just that tho.  Good news for him is he ended up in an airconditioned hospital. Bad news is it was ONLY 77 degrees and he has no damn eyeballs now for the rest of his life.  Wrong. Just wrong.  


TECH TOUR - LADIES! If you use online dating sites, there is a new app out there to help you filter out those Creepy McCreepersons who you aren't interested in. The app is called WildFire and it looks for things you define as creepy.  Now, you could just ignore said creepies but we are all about the apps nowadays so this is the app for you. 

  --Now you can Avoid this-- 

New Smashing Pumpkins are coming!  The band has officially announced they have finished their latest album Monuments for an Elegy and we will be hearing it soon!  One of the many awesome parts of that news is that Tommy Lee is the drummer for all nine songs.  Saweet. 

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