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Play yard pooper, cell phones and ED!, New Slash album coming..

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 DVD Dumbass CHOICES:  Strangely Big J passed on The Dog who Saved Easter but he did choose Out of the furnace starring Christian Bale.  Will he approve it?  Find out tomorrow morning.

 Big J’s bad impression of Charlie Sheen got me thinking back to the totally rad year of 1989…  This was the year the energizer bunny was introduced. TV consisted of Roseanne, The Wonder Years and The Simpsons . “Eat my Shorts”,  “If you build it he will come” and “This is your brain. This is your brain on drugs. Any questions.” were the popular quotes not to mention the Exxon Valdez spilled tons of oil into the Prince William Sound's Bligh Reef.  Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Ghostbusters II  and Major League were at the box office.  This was 25 years ago kids.  A quarter of a century Treasure Valley. Take a stroll down memory lane…

GUYS take note!  Ok, this is a big deal. If you want your sex life to be as upstanding and glorious for as long as possible then lay off the cell phone! The journal of urology stated that there is a connection between ED and cell phone use/exposure.  4.4 hours or more of cell phone exposure appeared to have an effect on the male performance.  Listen, if you cannot put your cell phone away during the day long enough to focus on the one thing God programmed you to focus on, you have way more issues than this research reveals.


LADIES! – Let’s help our men with this.  As a lady we have the obligation, so to speak, to keep them distracted enough that they don’t have as much time for the cell phone.  After all, their ‘glory’ is a gift to us. 

 Wgth >  Gross.  Do we really need to spread the word to not poop on things.  Listen person in Ypsilanti Michigan, quit pooping on the kiddos play ground for God’s sake.  Just gross.   

 Did You love Apocolyptic Love?  Great.  Slash and Miles Kennedy are wrapping up production on their 3rd studio album.  No release date yet but just knowing it is coming is good for now. 


Theory of a Dead Man is planning on releasing their new album, Savages, in July.  Listen in April to hear the first single released.  

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