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Naked Tricycle rider, Big J's life lesson and Avenged Sevenfolds video game

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Big J’s life lesson for the day..don’t enter Facebook contests! Learn yourselves HERE people.  Take it from him.  He has lived. He has learned.


Just when you realize that Avenged Sevenfolds album Awaken the Fallen is 10 years old, they blow our minds again with another awesome move.  Behold: The trailer for their video game Avenged Sevenfold - Hail To The King: Deathbat.  This bad boy is due out this year .


Nirvana fans!  I know there are many of us out there.  You simply cannot deny the impact Nirvana had on music and culture in our world.  To commemorate the 20 years it has been since Kurt Cobain died, Blue Water Productions has come out with a Kurt Cobain biography in comic book form.  They have done the same for other music legends like John Lennon, Jimi Hendrix and Jim Morrison.  You can buy them here at 


  Wgth >Holy smokes Rick James; this guy has you beat hands down in the strange cocaine ways.  Thirty one year old Jermaine Jones was arrested after he was found riding around a neighborhood on a child’s tricycle, naked.  That’s strange for sure but it’s not the strangest part of this story believe it or not.  After being pursued by the police he decided to hide under a stairwell.  When the police found him he was squatting and chowing on shards of GLASS and CIGARETTE BUTTS! WTF Jermaine?!  When the police asked that question he answered with a very honest response of ..” I have been smoking crack cocaine all day”.  Needless to say he was taken to a hospital for evaluation of the damage done from eating glass.  Honest crazy drug users…classic.



Movies opening this weekend:  Bad Words, Noah and...SABOTAGE with Arnold!  Good weekend to go see a flick.


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