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Always good when math can make sense..Big J at a bachelorette party? Hot Chick talking cars..

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Always good to hear when math can translate into real life.  Anyone who has ever gone thru school has questioned at one time or another why so damn much math?  When am I ever going to care about equations, geometry, math facts..blah.  Well The Morning After has found the answer for you.  Relationships.  A Harvard mathematician has come up with three questions that can determine if you and your partner are going to last.  Ask these three questions and if your partner answers the same way you do, they say it will be a match made in heaven and you will be together for the long run.  

Here are the three scientifically researched questions:  (1) Do you like horror movies? (2)  Have you ever traveled to another country alone?  (3) Wouldn’t it be fun to drop everything and go live on a sailboat?  Good luck everyone.  Hope the end result is favorable for you.


Big J would attend a bachelorette party for the entertainment?   What the..!?  Listen HERE to find out what the hell this is all about.

Wgth > Who knew or would even imagine that "Non Alcoholic" beer O'Douls is actually "NON, Non Alcoholic beer"? Certainly not a 5th grade history teacher in Michigan.  His students were learing that back in the 1700's many people, including children, drank ale due to unhealthy water conditions.  The teacher chose to bring in some O'Douls and give the kiddos the choice to sample it or not sample it. Creative but probably not the best choice considering non alcoholic beer has small amounts of alcohol in it. Whoops. In this case O'Douls should probably go to hell. Very misleading. No kiddos were intoxicated and nobody has been charged.  Lesson learned.  Don't trust labels. 

LADIES ! Courtney Hansen. She is not only beautiful but she knows cars.  Courtney is an example of what females should strive to be; fearless in breaking into fields that are traditionally not for us and becoming knowledgeable in it. Dominating it. To be a female and know more about cars then most men would be an ultimate power.  Move over boys, it’s our world too.  Listen to our interview with her at then check out this clip of Courtney’s show Power Nation.          BOYS you will probably want to check it out as well.  


 NCAA RECAP:    Albany won a nail biter over Mount St. Mary's -  71-64.

                                                   North Carolina State bested Xavier - 74-59

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