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Big J's Comic-Con Recap, Nina Blackwood and Vibrating Bicycle Seats

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As you are most likely already aware, our very own Big J just spent a week or so at Comic-Con. He trekked down to San Diego in a car with his two daughters. Along the journey, he got to chat with the fellas from Workaholics, attend a private Metallica show and even stuck his toes in the sand. For the full audio of Big J’s Comic-Con recap, click right here.

Remember when MTV used to play these things called music videos? Once upon a time, way before Snookie and pregnant teens, MTV actually stood for Music Television. They also used to have something we like to call a video jockey. Nina Blackwood was one of MTV’s very first VJ’s. She now has a book out and called us to chat about that and share some insight into the early days of MTV. Check out the full podcast on the front page of

Since we are riding heavily on the female theme this week, how about we introduce a vibrating bicycle seat? Yes, there is such a thing and yes, we found some. This thing has a remote for vibration control and is actually quite discreet. Now when you see all those ladies riding their bikes along the Greenbelt, you’ll never know what’s actually going on down below. Just wink and nod my friends. Wink and nod.

Click here to find out more info, see what it actually looks like and learn how you can purchase one, if you're so inclined to do so.

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