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Nic's Tech Tour, The Female Takeover and Who Beat Black Sabbath?

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Nic took over this week’s “Tech Tour” and brought two new items of business to the forefront. First off, a startup company called Mixamo has raised $11 million to ensure that your smartphone games look as smooth and clean as possible, but now they are also looking to create 3-D games. That can only mean Candy Crush and Words with Friends will soon be in three dimensions. Lookout! Second, we learned about the Leap Motion Controller, which essentially replaces your keyboard and mouse with motions and gestures. Think of it like you would the Kinect or Wii, but for your computer.  An app called DexType has also joined in on the motion fun. It works with the Leap Motion Controller and allows you to basically type in mid-air as you would on a keyboard. Yeah, just click here for more info.

The ladies are taking over and we like it! Most people know Natasha Lyonne as Jessica from American Pie, but you can also find her on the Netflix original series, Orange is the New Black. She joined the show this morning to chat about that and also told us if a second season will be happening or not. Peep on the trailer below and check out for our full interview from today's show. 

Less than an hour after we got off the phone with Natasha, Stephanie Sparks of The Golf Channel popped by the studio. She came in to talk about everything golf and of course, the current Boise Open. Click right here for the full audio from Stephanie's visit and find more info on the Boise Open right here.

We should’ve known that throwing Black Sabbath into a song fight would end in a bloodbath. Well, that was yesterday. Today, Sabbath somehow got bumped from what looked like was going to be complete and total Cage Match domination. Emphatic edged out the Ozzman and Co. by just one vote. Tune in tomorrow to check out the song titled "Remember Me" one more time as it goes up against some new Sevendust. 

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Nampa, ID

Broken Clouds
Broken Clouds
NNE at 5 mph

RoCk WaRs!

RoCk   WaRs

Nic - III   Big J - II

Monday -Holy Bleep its cold out!  Let's try to warm things up with a HOT rock war...Big J loses the first war of the week with his selection of Kid Rock So Hot getting beat out by Nic's choice of Juliette and The Licks Hot Kiss. 

Tuesday - Happy Birthday Nirvana Unplugged in New York!  This rock war is for you and considering how amazing this album was it is fitting that it ended in a tie between Big J's choice of All Apologies and Nic's choice of Lake of Fire.  There needs to be a winner so it must go to All Apologies. 

Wednesday -  Wanna fight like the one that broke out at the Pacers v Pistons game10 years ago? Let's do it.  Big J wins with the classic choice of Drowning Pool Step Up beating Nic's choice of Volbeat Warriors Call.

Thursday -  WE ARE SO F*ING SICK OF THIS SNOW!  We need to express our hatred about it with a song fight to feel better. Big J wins this one with GWAR Go to Hell beating Nic's KORN Leave me Alone!  Enough snow already.   

Friday -   We've been trying to get Steel Panther to come here for a long time and now it's finally happening! Let's celebrate the music that is Steel Panther.  Nic wins with Community Property beating J's choice of 17 Girls in a row.  Gonna be a great show WHOO HOO!!

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