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The Horror Show Guide, Porn-Per-Hour and Song Battles

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You probably didn’t know that a book called “The Horror Show Guide: The Ultimate Frightfest of Movies” even existed. Well, it does and the author of that book called into the show this morning to discuss anything and everything related to horror films. Find out what movie sparked his interest in the realm of horror and more by clicking right here for our full podcast. Interested in the book? You can preview it or purchase it from our friends over at

In a recent study, 25 million internet users were surveyed on how they spend a typical hour online. Social networking of course accounts for the biggest chunk of time at 16 minutes per hour, followed by entertainment (9), shopping (5), business (3), e-mail (3), lifestyle (2), news (2), and other (15). Then there’s porn. The average time spent on porn is 4 minutes. It may not seem like much, but the typical person spends more time looking at porn than reading e-mails, researching for business purposes, and lifestyle needs. Let me just point out that twice as much time is spent on adult content than keeping up on the news. Who needs to know about current events when you currently have Jenna Jameson performing an event on the screen right in front of you? Welp, alright. 

With Bring Me the Horizon and Gemini Syndrome bucking the trend, we are currently sitting on a streak of one-and-done Cage Match Champions. Asking Alexandria upheld their end of the bargain today and they will be back on tomorrow’s show. Will a band by the name of Hell or Highwater continue the streak? Or will we just throw in a surprise band instead? Find out at 9:30AM on 100.3 The X Rocks.

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