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Playstation 4, Important Stuff and Avon Bingo

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This week’s “Tech Tour” goes out to all of you Sony Playstation fans. Come Holiday time this year, you should be able to pick up a shiny new Playstation 4, packed with all kinds of new upgrades and features. Apparently, there will be zero lag when gaming online. The controller has a small touch screen and a “share” button which allows you to instantly share videos of your current game play. Also, you can have a friend remotely watch in on your gaming session and even allow them to take over, playing the game directly from your console. Lastly, expect improved graphics and game play with the upgraded console. No price point has been confirmed yet, but start stashing away some coins in your piggy bank. Sony, you might actually succeed at pulling me away from my Xbox for a bit.

Thursday’s Installment of “Important Stuff” looks a little something like this: a new study shows that roadside billboards can interrupt your focus while driving. Negative words can make you drive a bit more recklessly while positive words might make you speed up. In men’s hoops, your Boise State Broncos beat Air Force 77-65 at Taco Bell Arena last night. The school also announced yesterday that the new sports complex will be named after former Athletic Director, Gene Bleymaier. In music news, Pearl Jam’s “Ten” has now sold over 10 million copies. “Ten,” released in 1991, is only the 22nd album to ever accomplish this feat. Metallica’s “Black” album still holds the #1 spot with 16 million albums sold. Chalk another one up for rock music my friends. Lastly, if watching the Oscars is your thing, you can look forward to the creator of Family Guy, Seth MacFarlane, as the host of the upcoming awards show. Not only is he hosting, but he’s also been nominated for an Oscar due to the work on his movie, Ted.

Warning: Attempting to sell Avon during bingo night might land you a slot on The Morning After with Nic and Big J. Catch the full audio from today’s GTH story right here.


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Nampa, ID

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RoCk WaRs!

RoCk   WaRs

Nic - II   Big J - II

Monday -Holy Bleep its cold out!  Let's try to warm things up with a HOT rock war...Big J loses the first war of the week with his selection of Kid Rock So Hot getting beat out by Nic's choice of Juliette and The Licks Hot Kiss. 

Tuesday - Happy Birthday Nirvana Unplugged in New York!  This rock war is for you and considering how amazing this album was it is fitting that it ended in a tie between Big J's choice of All Apologies and Nic's choice of Lake of Fire.  There needs to be a winner so it must go to All Apologies. 

Wednesday -  Wanna fight like the one that broke out at the Pacers v Pistons game10 years ago? Let's do it.  Big J wins with the classic choice of Drowning Pool Step Up beating Nic's choice of Volbeat Warriors Call.

Thursday -  WE ARE SO F*ING SICK OF THIS SNOW!  We need to express our hatred about it with a song fight to feel better. Big J wins this one with GWAR Go to Hell beating Nic's KORN Leave me Alone!  Enough snow already.   

Friday -  Rocking your ass into the weekend. 

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