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The Liability, Ultimate Blind Date and Doritos Tacos

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Last night, Big J took home a movie called “The Liability.” Did it receive the Big J stamp of approval? Catch the full audio right here to find out.

As you might already know, we have a little blind date contest in the works for those of you singles out there. With their one year anniversary on the horizon, last year’s winners, John and Heather, called into the show this morning to chat with us about their experience and what they’re up to now. Click here for that actual conversation and then sign up for the Ultimate Blind Date right here.


Important Stuff: The CEO of Taco Bell announced yesterday that the Doritos Cool Ranch Taco will officially be unveiled during the big football game on Sunday. Oh by the way, if you ever decide to air a commercial of your own during the Super Bowl, get ready to break out the piggy bank and fork over $4 million for a 30 second ad. In entertainment news, network executives over at A&E have responded to David Hester’s claim that he was fired as a cast member of “Storage Wars” for revealing truths about the television show. Basically it seems as though they refused to give Hester a raise, so he got pissed and exposed the show. Wait, so you’re telling me all these types of shows are fake?! That’s an outrage! 


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