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Brian Welch, Madden Tourney and Dave Grohl + Corey Taylor

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This morning we received a phone call from this guy named Brian Welch. You might know him as the former lead guitarist and co-founder of this little band called Korn. Yeah, f$%#ing Korn! Brian's new band, Love and Death, has an album coming out tomorrow, so he was kind enough to chat with us about that as well as what's going on with Korn. Check out the full interview right here and the video for "Chemicals" below.

Over the weekend, the entire Morning After crew participated in a Madden tournament at Simple Gaming on Fairview here in Boise. Nic and myself (Randy) each lost by 3 points in the first round (but hey, at least my competitor went on to win the entire tourney) while Big J and Pete squared off in a massive barn burner. Big J went up 2-0 on a safety before the half, with Pete taking a 6-2 lead in the second half. On the goal line with seconds remaining, Big J was completely shut out of the end zone for the game-winning score. Pete moved on and got smashed 31-14 in the second round, as the entire Morning After spent the rest of the evening watching the Madden Championship unfold. Congratulations to Rick for taking home the crown! We will be back and looking for redemption in next month's tourney. Sign up now at Simple Gaming



We debuted another track from Dave Grohl's "Sound City" project on Cage Match today. First we brought you former members of Nirvana with Paul McCartney and now we present Dave Grohl and Corey Taylor. Needless to say, their track, "From Can't to Can't" marched on and will face Adrenaline Mob next. Check out the new track below and cast your votes again tomorrow.



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Nampa, ID

W at 5 mph

RoCk WaRs!

RoCk   WaRs

Nic - I   Big J - I

Monday - This day in history was was the day that D.B. Cooper made his big get away.  Best songs about crime?  Big J nails the first win of the week with Beastie Boys Rhymin and Stealin beating Nic's choice of Papa Roach Getting Away with Murder. 

Tuesday -  Happy Birthday Tim Armstrong!  In honor of you we will war with your songs.  Big J loses with Transplants getting his arse kicked by Nic's choice of Rancid.  Well played. 

Wednesday -  Let us war with bands we are Thankful for this year.  Anj wins her last rock war with Volbeat Lola Montez beating Nic's choice of Nothingmore This is The Time. 

Thursday -  THANKSGIVING! We are busy feeding our faces! No time to war. 

Friday -   Black Friday War?  

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