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Big J's Life Lesson, Natascha McElhone and Playoffs?!

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We closed out the week with another patented Big J “Life Lesson.” Current news headlines are jam packed with scandals, hoaxes and a myriad of other celebrity gossip and Big J says why not turn it all off and throw on a movie. As you turn on your television, flip on the radio, grab a newspaper or pull up the internet, there’s just no way around getting caught up in all the madness of media and news stories. However, toss on a DVD, Blu-Ray, Netflix or cruise out to your local theater and enjoy a few hours of adventure, laughs, cries, suspense or whatever it may be, but at least it’s not news and gossip. Check out what Big J is looking forward to this weekend below. 

Natascha McElhone joined us on the show today to talk about her role in Showtime’s Californication. You might have seen her in movies such as Ronin or The Truman Show, but she delves into the world of Californication as Season 6 gears up in our full interview right here.

What happened to the NFL Playoffs?! With all the current stories regarding college sports, coaching scenarios and performance enhancing debacles, it seems as though everyone has completely left the Playoffs in the dust. You know, there are two huge games going on this Sunday that will determine who travels to New Orleans for the Super Bowl. That being said, grab some grub, invite some friends over and enjoy some good ol’ football this weekend. Playoffs!?


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