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Life Lesson, Heather Donahue and Big J's Playoff Picks

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Big J’s “Life Lesson” today was a simple, yet very important message and that is to drive safely in the current weather conditions. Knock the snow out of your wheel wells, otherwise there’s a chance it freezes up and causes even more issues than you might already face.  Get up a little sooner and leave early for work, as that option is better than being late for work or speeding to get there, putting yourself and others in danger. Drive slower and if people want to get mad that you aren’t going fast enough, they can go pound sand. If your truck or SUV says 4X4 on it, you don’t have magical winter weather driving powers. Safety first, friends.


Heather Donahue called into the show this morning to chat about her book called Growgirl. You might recognize her from a little 90’s flick called “The Blair Witch Project.” Yes, it’s been that long since the movie was released and yes we are that old. Check out her new book right here and our full interview by clicking here.


In sports, we are officially down to the final eight teams in the NFL Playoffs and we have Big J’s picks for each game. He likes Denver over Baltimore, Niners over Packers, Seattle over Atlanta, and the Patriots over the Texans. Tune in on Monday for a recap. In music, Adam Gontier (who just announced his departure from Three Days Grace), is set to play in a special acoustic benefit show at The Gramercy Theatre in New York City on January 17th. Rock for Recovery will feature music from Gontier, along with Art of Dying, Sid Wilson of Slipknot, Hurt, Smile Empty Soul and more. 

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