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Tech Tour, Pizza Perfume and Yelp Sued

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Jack Black was hand-selected from a list of the “Top 10 Overpaid Actors" as today’s “Bad Impression.”  That list also includes Eddie Murphy, Katherine Heigl, Reese Witherspoon, Sandra Bullock, Nicolas Cage, Adam Sandler, Ben Stiller, Denzel Washington and Sara Jessica Parker.

During this week’s “Tech Tour,” Big J added a few great Christmas gift ideas to the list. The first one is strictly for all you iPhone users. There’s an app out there called “Tinke,” which takes an impression of your thumb print and then processes your heart rate, blood oxygen levels and respiratory rate within 45 seconds. Another great item coming out this Holiday season is a Quentin Tarantino film collection called “Tarantino XX.” Available now on Blu-ray, this package offers Pulp Fiction, Inglourious Bastards, Reservoir Dogs, Kill Bill Volume 1 & 2, Jackie Brown, Death Proof and True Romance and has a sticker price of right around $90. That seems like a great buy for all the hardcore Tarantino fans out there.

Here’s some “Important Stuff” for the day: There’s actually a woman in America that managed to raise $1,200 for a fake marriage to a cardboard cutout of Edward Cullen from Twilight. Apparently she’s doing this for her thesis to earn a Master’s Degree in Fine Arts. Regardless, what the f%#&?!. Only in America folks. Pizza Hut created a new perfume that smells like pizza dough with a little spice scent thrown into the equation. It started off as a joke, but when their fbook page received a great deal of attention due to the rumor, the company decided to make a few limited edition samples. Unfortunately, the perfume is no longer available, so we can all stick to eating pizza instead of smelling like it.

Yelp is being sued after what is being called a “false and defamatory” review has been posted about a business in Long Beach, California. The lawsuit states that Yelp refused to remove the comments from its website and instead demanded “roughly $300 per month” in exchange. This is just another example of why we should be careful about what we put out there in the public eye. You just never know who you might upset or who might come back and sue you.

In sports, it’s been announced that the Athletic Director at Wisconsin, Barry Alvarez, has decided to coach Badgers football team in the Rose Bowl. The current Head Coach accepted a job at Arkansas and Alvarez basically told him to kick rocks, as he will take over the team for this one game per requests . Sad news in local sports, as the Boise State Men’s Hoops team ended their winning streak last night. The Broncos lost 76-55 to the Utah Utes on the road, but now have a full week to prepare for LSU at home next Friday. 

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