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Big J's Life Lesson, Half the World and Toys for Tots

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Big J taught us a little something today during this week’s “Life Lesson.” That is, to sometime relax and not always go with your first instinct. Last night before Thursday Night Football, he tried to make a last minute Fantasy Football lineup change, but it was too late as roster management was already locked. Well, turns out that the player who was locked up, actually performed better than the one he wanted to put in. There you have it. Sometimes it pays off to be patient and just let things happen.

The great people of a fantastic local band named Half The World stopped by the studio today. They brought by a stellar new song and will be putting on a show tonight at the Knitting Factory. Want to see a free rock show tonight? Let the band know that you want to go right here and they will get you all set up with tickets.


Our second group of guests today was our friends from the Marines. They came by to chat up Toys for Tots and what you can do to help. They will be out at the Steelheads game this Saturday for the Teddy Bear Toss and the around 10AM they will be out at Toys R’ Us with a tank and Santa will be arriving on a Boise State fire truck. I can’t tell you enough how important this drive is.  All it takes is one toy and you could make a huge difference for a child in need. You can stop by any Treasure Valley Walmart to drop off your donation or even bring a toy by our station.

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Nampa, ID

E at 5 mph

RoCk WaRs!

RoCk   WaRs

Nic - II    Big J - II

Monday - Scott Weiland you made it to a birthday we all hoped to see but weren't quite sure we would..happy 47th birthday Sir!  Nic wins with STP Vasoline beating Big J's choice of Audioslave Slither. 

Tuesday -  Bands with the worst names...Big J's choice of Butthole Surfers beats out Nic's choice of Hoobastank.  

Wednesday - Sad songs make people feel better? Weird. Weird enough to do a sad song battle.  Sadly Big J wins with Mad World by Gary Jules beating Nic's sad choice of Staind Something to Remind You. P.S..we think this study is WRONG. 

Thursday - Happy Birthday to Gavin Rosdale.  49 years old and still delicious as ever.  Best Gavin songs...Nic proves victorious chosing Swallow over Big J's Mouth choice. Mouth and Swallow..??  Maybe it's not just the ladies who love Gavin..

Friday - HALLOWEEN war of ROCK!

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