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DVDumbass, Vote Villain and James Remar

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During this week’s version of DVDumbass, Big J passed up on the movies, “Elf Man,” starring Wee-Man and “Moonrise Kingdom,” starring Bruce Willis and Edward Norton for a film called “Fire with Fire.” Check out the trailer below and then tune into the show tomorrow morning for Big J’s colorful review.

Today’s GTH story came courtesy of a 28-year-old Arizona woman who is clearly an extremely dedicated Mitt Romney fan and so dedicated in fact that she will attack if you didn’t mark Romney on your ballot. That’s what happened to her poor husband anyways. After convincing him to go out and vote, she later learned that he in fact did not vote and then became beyond outraged when Barack Obama ended up winning the election. So, bypass your typical marital argument and fast forward straight to a car chase. After the argument erupted in a local parking lot, the woman chased her husband around the lot and eventually struck him as he attempted to escape to a nearby street. Of course, she was arrested and Barack Obama is still our President.

Fans of the hit Showtime series, “Dexter,” will appreciated the phone call that we had on the show this morning. James Remar, who plays Harry Morgan on “Dexter” and Ace Speck in Quentin Tarantino’s upcoming film, “Django Unchained,” talked to us about those roles and what it’s like to work alongside Quentin. Check out the trailer for "Django Unchained" below and find our full interview right here.

During today’s “Headlines,” we traveled to Wisconsin, where two men went into a store with plans of robbery. Well, after taking money from the cashier and then feeling bad about it after a guilt trip from the clerk, they gave the money back. Upon reconciliation, the store ended up with a dollar more than before the men came in to rob it. Yep, the robbers added a dollar of their own into the mix.

Fresh off their first victory, P-Roach returned to Cage Match for a song fight with Aranda. Our friends in Aranda missed a victory by just a few votes, but we won't run you down like that Arizona woman.



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