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Ties = Dumb, Robert Patrick and UFOs

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Today’s “Punch in the Face” went directly from Big J’s fist to the National Football League for allowing ties in football. If you were watching football yesterday afternoon or checked up on scores this morning, you probably noticed that the game between the St. Louis Rams and San Francisco 49ers ended in a 24-24 tie. This is the first time in four years that a tie has occurred in the NFL, but we say this needs to end. Let the teams keep playing until one of them comes out victorious. There are no ties in football!

Robert Patrick called us this morning to chat about his show called “Last Resort,” which airs Thursdays on ABC. You might recognize Robert from films such as “Terminator 2,” “Die Hard 2,” “Wayne’s World” or the television shows “Flags of our Fathers” and “Sopranos.” He’s also the brother of Filter’s lead singer, Richard Patrick. See what he has to tell us about that and find out why he apologizes to Big J right here

Some “Important Stuff” to start your week: more than one hundred UFO’s have been spotted on the India-China border, but are most likely just Chinese lanterns. Find out more here. In sports, Joe Southwick led the Boise State Broncos to a 49-14 victory over the Hawaii Warriors in Hawaii on Saturday. Texas A&M knocked off #1 Alabama 29-24. As a result, Kansas State, Oregon and Notre Dame now sit atop the BCS standings. In music, we learned that Soundgarden is set for a new tour, but will not be making a stop here in Boise. This could very well be worth the road trip to Seattle on February 7th & 8th of 2013. 

During “Headlines” we found out about a Postal Service worker who failed to report a corpse that he found on a front porch during his usual route. He originally thought that it was just part of someone's Halloween decorations, but after a few days with no change, he finally figured out that it was an actual corpse and reported the scene to authorities.

Our friend Pete stopped by to educate us further on the Bronco victory and the tied NFL game during “Sports with Pete.” Also, the Boise State Men’s Basketball team kicked off the season with an 81-63 win over Texas Southern and the Atlanta Falcons lost their first game of the season, leaving no more undefeated teams in the NFL.

Your current Cage Match Champ, Marilyn Manson, took on a new Papa Roach track this morning. Unlike the NFL, there is no such thing as a tie in Cage Match! P-Roach knocked off Manson by one single vote. Tune in tomorrow for another song fight.

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