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Danielson, Punch Out and Doug Martin

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Today’s Bad Impression comes courtesy of Ralph Manchio today. That’s right, the Karate Kid is 50-years-old. Happy Birthday Danielson!

Big J did something a little different this morning and socked himself during this week’s Punch in the Face. A few week back, Big J couldn’t find his phone and swore up and down that he left it on his keyboard here at the radio station. After ruling out all possibilities, he figured one of the cleaning people snagged it from his desk. From that point forward, we were afraid to leave anything lying around at work. Fast forward a few weeks and guess what’s sitting right in the back seat of Big J’s car? His phone.

One of the main topics during today’s show was that of former Boise State Bronco, Doug Martin, and his record-breaking performance against the Oakland Raiders yesterday. Doug rushed for 251 yards and 4 TD’s, which placed him at #10 in the NFL’s single game rushing yards record book, jumping above legendary names such as Jim Brown, LT and Barry Sanders. He became tied for 3rd for most rushing yards in a game by a rookie and is the only player to ever rush for at least 3 TD’s, each being 45+ yards.

Word on the street is that Doug isn’t a huge fan of the “Muscle Hamster” nickname and is taking recommendations for a new one. So, in light of tomorrow’s boring Presidential election, we are taking votes on a new nickname for Doug and will be sending him the Top 5 choices. Check back to find that on The Morning After fbook page and cast your vote. Find out who wins during tomorrow’s show. 


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Nampa, ID

E at 5 mph

RoCk WaRs!

RoCk   WaRs

Nic - I  Big J - II Tie - I

Monday -  It's a day without Big J but we still must war with rock.  Today is the 4th anniversary of Audio Secrecy by Stone Sour.  Nic chooses Mission Statement tieing with Anj's choice of Say you'll Haunt me. 

Tuesday - Rock War not today friends.  

Wednesday - Songs we would love to hear remade??  Nic wins with David Bowie Space Oddity beating Big J's pick of Phil Collins I Dont care Anymore.  Didn't bother Big J one bit..he don't care. 

Thursday -  Grand Theft Auto5 is coming and it's bringing some seriousness...100 new songs will be added to the radio in the game!  What songs would be great to hear and are also about robbing banks..?  Big J wins with Slipknot Psycosocial beating Nic's choice of Fun Loving Criminals Scooby Snacks. 

Friday - Weekend kickoff with a little ROCK WAR!

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