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Big J's Marriage Rule #52, Nadine Velazquez and Laces Out, Finkle

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During "Life Lessons" today, we learned about Big J’s Marriage Rule #52 – How to get out of doing things. On Halloween night, Big J was in the middle of a James Bond marathon when trick or treaters continued to knock at the door, rudely interrupting his movie experience. So, instead of giving each kid just one piece of candy, he was tossing it out by the handful. Smart move. Since there was a high volume of kid traffic and a limited amount of candy, the wife was forced to suspend Big J’s trick or treater duties. Thereafter, whenever there was a knock at the door, he was told just to stay put and enjoy his movies. Boom! The lesson is that if you really want to get out of something, do it horribly while still being genuine about it. If only that same lesson applied to the workplace, right?! Oh, wait.


Nadine Velazquez gave us a jingle this morning to chat about her new movie called “Flight,” which hits theatres today. “Flight,” starring Denzel Washington is about an investigation of a pilot's emergency landing, which later leads to the discovery that he had been drinking prior to flying the plane. She also plays the role of Mrs. Ruxin in one of our favorite television shows, “The League.” Nadine was kind enough to discuss all this and more right here. Below is the trailer for “Flight.” Disclaimer: According to Nadine, there is an extensive nude scene at the beginning of the movie. Mrs. Ruxin in the buff! Sold!

The Morning After took the show to the streets for “Sports with Pete” today. During the 9 o’clock hour, we broadcasted the show live from Centennial High School where another one of our patented physical challenges took place. Big J was on IR, but provided some very colorful commentary while Nic and Pete took part in The Morning After Field Goal Challenge. Out of 12 attempts between the two of them, Pete ran away (more like barely crawled away) from the competition with one successful completion. There you have it, The Morning After is officially 1 for 12 on field goal attempts. Laces out, Ray Finkle! *No children, radio equipment or hamstrings were injured during the event. 

 Have a great weekend!

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