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Big J's Tech Tour, Toys for Tots Ride and The Flat Earth Society

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Today's Bad Impression goes out to Sir George Lucas. Earlier this week, we learned that Mr. Lucas decided to sell the Star Wars rights to Disney for a whopping $4 billion. Well, we also just learned that upon close of the sale, he will be donating a large portion of that money to education. Well done George, well done.

During this week’s “Tech Tour,” Big J pointed out a few pieces of interesting technology that you might want to be aware of. First off, the Belkin NetCam Home Video Camera, which sells for $129.99 on Amazon, is a monitoring device that can stream live footage right to your smartphone or tablet. The camera, which can be used for security purposes, or just to keep an eye on the kids and pets, does play audio and even includes night vision. See for yourself right here. The second item of discussion today comes courtesy of Oakley. Yes, the same Oakley that we all sought after as a kid. I wanted a pair so bad to fit in with the cool kids, but ended up with a pair of $10 Foakleys fresh out of Tijuana. The paint peeled off within a week. Anyways, check out the Airwave skiing goggles by Oakley right here and then check out the video below.

Our pals Tom and Dino stopped by the studio this morning to chat up the annual Toys for Tots Ride. The event takes place on Sunday, November 4th, which will kick off at VFW and ends at Quinn’s @ 1PM. The whole purpose is to bring in as many toys as possible for children in need. So, we ask you to please do whatever you can to help out. All the info you need to know is located below and you can join in on the action right here.

Lastly, I leave you with an important item from the show. There is a group of people out there that firmly believe that the earth is actually flat and we all have been lied to over the years. Go pay a visit to The Flat Earth Society right here and either join the club or just laugh. I leave that decision up to you


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