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Soccer Punch, Disaster Disguise and Jennifer Worick

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Today, Big J took a shot at the entire sport of soccer for his weekly "Punch in the Face." Why? Oh maybe because it’s the most boring sport on the planet! After all, we have sports like football and basketball in place so that we do not have to watch people kicking a ball up and down a field or maybe even landing one into a giant net from time to time. This is the U.S. of A., where we have a very small attention span and like hard-hitting, fast paced and high scoring games.

We also kicked off the week with a laugher of a GTH story. Joshua Pinney decided to steal another man’s identity in an attempt to claim his debit card. The 30-year-old strolled into a Bank of America over in Washington and showed them an Oregon ID after stating that he needed a new debit card. The man also mentioned that he was on a business trip and had recently been in an accident of sorts. The branch manager could easily tell that Pinney’s disguise was fake and immediately contacted local police. Take a look for yourself below:

Joshua admitted to accepting a stolen ID from a friend and that he actually had not been in an accident, as it was all part of the disguise. He then pinned the terrible idea on his girlfriend. Joshua Pinney was charged with second-degree identity theft and already missed his first court date. I’m guessing that was his girlfriend’s fault as well. The full story can be found right here on our TMA fbook page.

This morning, an author by the name of Jennifer Worick called into the show to chat about her book called “Things I Want to Punch in the Face.” Awhile back, Big J noticed this book and decided to punch her in the face as a part of his weekly segment. He of course claims that he had the idea first and now she’s making money from it because she took the time and effort to publish a book, while he did no such thing. Well, it just so happens that Jennifer caught wind of Big J’s sucker punch and contacted us about it. At that point, the best thing to do was to invite her on our show to launch a discussion with radio’s Big J. At the end of the day, she’s a really nice lady and the two will continue to punch things in the face by way of airwaves and written form alike. Check out the full interview right here and find the book here

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Nampa, ID

at 0 mph

RoCk WaRs!

RoCk   WaRs

Nic - I    Tie - II    Anj - I

Monday -  Last weekend marked the anniversary of our first steps on the moon.  Favorite songs about space?  Nic kicks the week off with a win with Ozzy's Bark at the moon beating Big J's David Bowie Space Oddity. Nothing like leaving town a loser. 

Tuesday -   Tooth tattoos?  You've got to be kidding. Stupid idea.  Songs about tattoos...Van Halen Tattoo beats out Rehab Last tattoo. 

Wednesday -  Happy Birthday Slash you super bad ass!  Our favorite Slash songs leave us with the FIRST EVER TIE in Rock Wars with Anj's choice of Welcome to the Jungle and Nic's choice of Ghost. 

Thursday -  Creepiest Song?  Anj creeps out to Type-O Negative Black No1 while Nic creeps out to Avatar The Tower. SECOND EVER TIE in Rock War History.  

Friday -  Songs from With Teeth by NIN in honor of the 17 year old kid who had 232 teeth in his mouth!  Gross.  Anj wins her first rock war with Only beating Nic's choice of Every Day is Exactly the Same. ONLY FEMALE in Rock War history to win...TIE STREAK BROKEN!!  

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