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BCS Knockout, Enema Fun and Abe from Deftones

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We kicked off the week with a Punch to the Face via Big J's fist, which came as a knockout straight to the shady system known as the BCS. For years, teams like Boise State have been snubbed by this system of computer generated college football rankings for reasons unkown. The system is composed of six computers, all of which have a particular protocol for crunching numbers, however they are not allowed to release all of the exact details on how each computer determines their respective rankings. College football is one of the only team sports that does not determine a champion based on a true playoff system. Every player on every team in every sport should have some sort of shot at competing for a Championship. If they aren’t cut out to win, then they will simply lose in the playoffs, but should at least get that one chance. Hence March Madness: one of the most popular and exciting playoff systems in the history of sports. As long as you win your conference, no matter how big or small, you automatically get a bid into the tournament. Why not do the same thing for football? Oh yeah, because college football is all about money and corruption, not about the purity of collegiate competition.

Today’s GTH story was one for the ages where we learned about enemas, of course. Yes, enemas. A Florida man (go figure) was arrested for purchasing disposable enemas, using them and then returning them to the store. Well, it gets worse when we found out that other customers were buying  these already used enemas because the store did not properly check them before tossing them back onto the shelf. “Excuse me sir, you know that disposable enema that you recently purchased and used, yeah it was already used by another customer.” Gross, just gross. The man was charged with tampering with consumer products and faces up to 10 years in prison and a $250,000 fine.


As you probably already know, the Deftones will be taking the stage tomorrow night at the Knitting Factory here in Boise. The drummer of that band, Abe Cunningham, gave us a phone call this morning to chat about the current tour and what else the band has been up to. Check out the full interview right here and don’t forget to check out the new Deftones track, "Tempest," on Cage Match.

Chi Cheng's son, Gabe, recently peformed "Root" with the Deftones as a triubute to Chi.

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