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Boise State Victory, Big J's Life Lesson and Growing Change

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Morning After News: your Boise State Broncos pulled away with a “W” in a true nail biter on the blue turf last night. The boys in blue once again failed to score a single point on offense, but thanks to a stellar defensive performance and a beast named Michael “Bacon” Atkinson, they pulled in a pick-six, giving them a 7-0 lead on BYU. With just a few minutes left on the board, BYU punched in a TD of their own, bringing the score to 6-7. Going with a very ballsy move and aiming for the win, Bronco Mendenhall called for a two-point conversion. One incomplete pass and a bunch of white-knuckled onlookers later, your Boise State Broncos pulled in a 7-6 victory, moving their record to 2-1. Up next? The New Mexico Lobos @ 4PM in Albuquerque, New Mexico on September 29th.

Big J’s Life Lesson this week is to always prioritize. Point being, as much as The Big J loves him some Hatebreed, he will have to pass on the show this Sunday night due to putting family and business first. Why would Big J of all people miss a show like this? Well, take a glance at the week ahead: Monday is our Monday Night Football shenanigans out at Whammy’s Sports Bar (which might end at 1AM courtesy of the replacement officials), Tuesday is our all day festivities out at the Idaho Center for X-Fest, Wednesday the fellas will be flying out to Vegas directly after the morning show, with Thursday and Friday being action packed full of live broadcasts of The Morning After from Mandalay Bay, Rock Vegas, Radio Conventions, MorrisonCon, a plethora of Vegas entertainment, along with belligerence, losing the kid’s college funds, hookers and maybe even Mike Tyson’s tiger. So, all that being said, he needs some extra time on Sunday to spend with the family. Sorry Jamey Josta and Hatebreed, but family comes first.

The guys from Growing Change Inc. cruised by the studio today to chat up their non-profit charity along with a little upcoming event called “Metal 4 The Mountains,” which takes place tonight at the Old State Penitentiary. Please, support a great cause with some awesome metal!

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Nampa, ID

at 0 mph

RoCk WaRs!

RoCk   WaRs

Nic - III   Big J - II

Monday -Holy Bleep its cold out!  Let's try to warm things up with a HOT rock war...Big J loses the first war of the week with his selection of Kid Rock So Hot getting beat out by Nic's choice of Juliette and The Licks Hot Kiss. 

Tuesday - Happy Birthday Nirvana Unplugged in New York!  This rock war is for you and considering how amazing this album was it is fitting that it ended in a tie between Big J's choice of All Apologies and Nic's choice of Lake of Fire.  There needs to be a winner so it must go to All Apologies. 

Wednesday -  Wanna fight like the one that broke out at the Pacers v Pistons game10 years ago? Let's do it.  Big J wins with the classic choice of Drowning Pool Step Up beating Nic's choice of Volbeat Warriors Call.

Thursday -  WE ARE SO F*ING SICK OF THIS SNOW!  We need to express our hatred about it with a song fight to feel better. Big J wins this one with GWAR Go to Hell beating Nic's KORN Leave me Alone!  Enough snow already.   

Friday -   We've been trying to get Steel Panther to come here for a long time and now it's finally happening! Let's celebrate the music that is Steel Panther.  Nic wins with Community Property beating J's choice of 17 Girls in a row.  Gonna be a great show WHOO HOO!!

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