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Jaw-Jacked, Free X Show and a Bloodbath

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It’s Friday, so you know the drill:

1. Today we learned that if you are going to thief a credit card from parked car in front of a bar and then use that card inside the same bar, you might get jaw jacked by the bartender. True story. In Miami Beach, some genius was prowling on parked cars outside of a bar, when he noticed a credit card sitting in one of them. He broke into the car, snatched up the credit card and then walked inside of the bar to start up a tab, when blam! The thief was right hooked by the bartender, because that very stolen credit card actually belonged to him. He’s now awaiting a prison sentence and pampering a busted up face.

2. We were the first to bring you the announcement of another Free X Show. New Medicine will be taking the stage of the Knitting Factory on Friday, October 5th. Tune in right here for your FREE tickets!

3. Hellyeah! I think Vinnie Paul and the boys might be in for a nice little streak on Cage Match. Big Wreck was no contest today. Tune in Monday for another potential bloodbath. 

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Nampa, ID

W at 6 mph

RoCk WaRs!

RoCk   WaRs

Anj -II   Tie -   Big J - II

Monday -  Happy Birthday Rob Halford AND Gene Simmons!  Anj wins with KISS Detroit Rock City beating Big J and his JP choice of Diamonds and Rust.  Detroit Baby!

Tuesday -  Scott Weiland in JAIL?!  No it was a damn impersonator. Nice try dude.  Best Scott Weiland songs...Big J takes an easy win with the Xsession acoustic version of Interstate Love song beating Anj's bad ass choice of Crackerman. 

Wednesday - Happy 7th Birthday Morning After!! Songs from 2007 Stone Sour Ziizzek Road beats out Operator Soul Crusher.  7 MORE YEARS!!

Thursday -  Happy Birtday Jack Black!  We war to you, you rock God.  Your super awesome Tenacious D song for the ladies, F*** her Gently scores Anj a win over Big J's choice of Tribute.  

Friday - BSU lost their first game last night and emotions are high.  Big J wins with his tricky move of pulling out a new THC song Monster beating Anj's choice of the classic Journey, Don't Stop Believeing.  Eitherway Bronco nation stay strong, bring out the monster and don't stop believeing!

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