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Bleeping Florida, Big J's Punch and Robocop

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Here’s what you missed on Monday’s show:

Ryan Reynolds was today’s culprit during Bad Impressions. He’s in the news for proposing to Blake Lively over the weekend. Well, there goes my chance (with Blake Lively, not Ryan Reynolds, even if he does have some killer abs).


Morning After News: former Boise State Bronco, Doug Martin, looked great running the football in his debut with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Sunday. Speaking of football, join us tonight at Whammy’s Sports Bar inside The Drink for some Monday Night Football action. We will be there all evening giving away some solid prizes. Last night, the Boise Hawks ended their season after blowing seven runs during the 8th inning, falling 9-12 to Vancouver in the title game.

The only way to kick off a Monday is with another journey over to Florida. An 18-year-old claimed to have been shot while "just walking down the street minding his own business." Well, it turns out that he blew his own junk right off while cleaning a gun he purchased at a party about a month prior. On top of that, when officers arrived at the scene, they sniffed out three pounds of marijuana. The kid and his pal ended up in jail on charges of drug and illegal firearms possession.

During his weekly punch to the face, Big J smashed up his hand all over the mug of every football player that attempts to dunk the football through the uprights after scoring a touchdown. This idea was brought to the forefront after watching Vernon Davis get rejected during his dunk after scoring a touchdown against the Packers yesterday. In Vernon's defense, the Niners still took down one of the best teams in the NFL. 

Important Stuff: a Canadian dance studio is taking some flak for offering pole dancing classes for children. So far, children between the ages of 5 and 12 have already signed up for the class (all I can say to this is blame Canada). In music, Sully Erna got into it with some security guards due to their agressive reactions towards a fan who managed to jump onto the stage during a recent live show. 


Anthony Lyons, the Executive Director of Capital City Development Corporation, joined us in the studio to discuss his new role, downtown construction, current projects, and of course, Robocop.

Fresh off of their surprising victory last week, Offspring came back against The Last Vegas on Cage Match. Offspring and their song, "Turning Into You," from their latest album, "Days Go By," ran away with every last vote and will be back again tomorrow. Stay tuned for more new music.

Join us again tomorrow because we have your Golden Tickets to The Cabin in the Woods amongst other prizes and of course, plenty of music for your morning. 

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