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Big J's Tech Tour, John Henson and All That Remains

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Here’s what you missed on Thursday:

Jim Carrey is today’s Bad Impression. He’s in the news today because he recently signed on to play roles in Kick-Ass 2 and a new Dumb & Dumber film.

Morning After News: the tooth fairy still remains relatively generous, as children receive around $3 per lost tooth. There’s a new smartphone app out there that recommends how much to leave per tooth. The Boise Hawks beat Yakima 3-2 last night to take the series 2-1 and will now face Vancouver in the Championship. Great job Hawks, bring it home fellas.

On Wednesday night, a 74 year-old father brought spoiled chicken to the Jelavich family dinner, but was not aware of what results were awaiting him. As the father arrived at the door, his son noticed a less-than-stellar smell. When it occurred to him that the chicken was spoiled, he threw the food down and jaw jacked his father within seconds. The incident resulted in a straight up family brawl, before finally being broken up and settled. Oh yeah, and this happened in Florida. Go figure. 

This week’s Tech Tour is all about how to dispose of your old cell phones. A few articles have surfaced recently about being cautious about what information you are handing over when selling or recycling your old phones. The bottom line is to double or triple check when erasing info and factory resetting your devices. Blackberry’s and iPhones are easy to wipe, but Android phones take a bit more attention to detail. Also make sure to hold on to those SD and SIM cards.

Important Stuff: a 32-year-old Chinese man snatched a 1.5 karat diamond valued at $18,000 from a gem show and then swallowed it point blank. No motive has yet been released. The only thing to release will be that diamond into the toilet. Ouch. The NFL regular season kicked off last night with a Dallas Cowboys victory over the New York Giants. Tony Romo had a fantastic showing, leading Dallas to a 24-17 win. The rest of the season will resume Sunday. Reminder: there are Thursday night games every week this season. That means more football for our viewing pleasure! 

John Henson, the Co-Host of the hit television show, Wipeout, joined us on the show this morning. You also might recall his work as the Host of Talk Soup for several years. Check out the full interview right here.

Random Headlines: Latin America’s largest beverage company has been forced to pay a settlement to an employee who was forced to watch pornographic films and have strippers perform in front of him. Uh, so where can we get an application?! In Phoenix, a scorpion sting ended up costing a woman $83,000 for two doses of anti-venom that cost around $40,000 per dose.

All That Remains vs. Smashing Pumpkins. That’s all I need to say. It was an easy prediction on today’s Cage Match. This might have been a different story if we were talking about the Smashing Pumpkins of the 90’s.

Join us again tomorrow as we chat it up with Idaho’s own finalist for Miss Monster Energy Cup 2012. Heather Burnette will be in studio, among ticket giveaways and more attempts at morning humor. 

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