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Boise State Bobbleheads, Angry Johnny and Big Huge Giant Announcements

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Here’s what you missed on Wednesday’s show:

Today’s Bad Impression goes out to Tom Hanks. He’s in the news for letting a fan take some “The Hangover” style photos with him. Good on you Tom Hanks.

Morning After News: a recent report shows that couples are having three times as much sex once the woman of the relationship read the book “50 Shades of Gray.” Two-thirds of women also said that their sexual sessions last longer than before the book. So, um let's get mass amounts of this book out to women everywhere. In sports, it’s been announced that beginning next month, the new Boise State bobbleheads will be released. On sale at Jackson’s stores will be players such as George Iloka, Billy Wynn, Doug Martin and Kellen Moore. In music news, of all the women David Bowie could have slept with, he shacked up with Slash’s mom. Yikes. Lastly, the movie, “Lawless”, comes out in theatres today. Take a look at the trailer below.

In Utah, Brenda White chased her husband with a SUV, plowed through his office doors and struck her husband twice. After an argument at her husband’s workplace, White returned to the office buidling with a truck and smashed it into him not once, but twice. Apparently during the days leading up to this event, she had been showing up at his work in her vehicle with the windows down, blasting the song, “Angry Johnny” by Poe.

Last night, Big J took home a movie called “Darling Companion,” which was a tale about none other than man’s best friend. Long story short, this could be a Lifetime Channel movie and was heavily fast-forwarded by Big J. “Darling Companion” is a giant skip.

Time for a big huge giant concert announcement. The bleepin’ Deftones are coming to town! Bamm! Scars on Broadway will open the show on Tuesday, October 16th. Tickets go on sale @ 10AM on September 4th. Check out for more info.

That being said, our other announcement of the morning is another TMA movie night at Northern Lights Cinema Grill. On September 12th, we will be screening “The Cabin in the Woods.” Stay tuned for your Golden Tickets.

During Cage Match and fresh off their first victory, Volbeat’s Challenger was a band called Daybreak Embrace. The duel ended in a tie for the second day in a row and also for the second straight time, Big J selected the Challenger with his tiebreaking powers. Look for Daybreak Embrace and Muse in the gauntlet tomorrow. 

Come back again tomorrow for some more ticket giveaways, a Tech Tour and a breakdown of the Boise State-Michigan State football game.

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