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DVDumbass, Frank Stallone and Song Fights

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Here’s what happened on Tuesday’s show:

Jack Black was the victim of today’s Bad Impression. He’s in the news because he turns 43-years-old today. Happy Birthday one half of The D!

Morning After News: in music news, Dave Grohl and Lars Ulrich are amongst the richest drummers in the world. Ringo Starr of The Beatles tops the list with a net worth of an estimated $300,000. Lindsay Lohan is now a suspect of jewelry theft from a house party worth around $100,000. When was the last time she was in the news for something non-incriminating? How did she get famous again? Oh yeah, from The Parent Trap.

In this week’s DVDumbass, Big J selected the movie “Darling Companion” over  “” and “Jersey Shore Shark Attack.” Yes, he will be spending the evening watching a movie about a dog. Can’t wait for that review tomorrow.

Important Stuff: the FAA is trying to change the rule about turning off electronics during takeoffs and landings. The rule would apply to iPads, tablets, computers, etc., but still no cell phones. Catch the full read right here. Corey Taylor of Slipknot and Stone Sour is working on a second book, along with a new Stone Sour album. Forbes released their highest paid celebrities list yesterday and Oprah landed at #1 again, pulling in a whopping $165 million. She was followed by Michael Bay and Stephen Spielberg. Dr. Dre also made the list from the sales of his Beats headphones.

Sly Stallone’s brother, Frank Stallone, joined us on the show today to discuss his song “Don’t Want to Fight With Me” from the movie "Expendables 2." See what he’s up to here, catch our full interview with him here and check out the song here.

Stone Sour is back at it again on Cage Match today going up against a new song from Volbeat. It was a back and forth bout that ended in a tie with Big J’s tiebreaker going to Volbeat.

Tune in tomorrow for some more ticket giveaways, details on our next Morning After movie night and a pretty big concert announcement. 

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Nampa, ID

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Few Clouds
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RoCk WaRs!

RoCk   WaRs

Nic - II   Anj - II   Big J - I

Monday -  Marijuana themed wedding in Colorado complete with cannabis bud boutineers.  Best song about pot?  Anj goes undefeated with Cypress Hill Hits from the Bong beating Nic's classic pick of Black Stone Cherry's Me and Mary Jane.  

Tuesday -   Summerland Tour day!  Favorite song you are looking forward to at tonight show..?  Anj loses with the kick ass song by Space Hog In the Mean time to Nic's choice of an Eve 6 song nobody has heard.  

Wednesday -  Short Keiffer Sutherland about made Freddie Prinze Jr quit the biz.  So let's war with rock from short people.  Anj scores her third Rock War win with the tiny yet powerful Lacy and Flyleaf - I'm so Sick beating Nic's "little man syndrome" choice of Danzig - Twist of Cane. Girls Rule.

Thursday -  Happy Birthday John 5 you guitar God you.  Nic beats Anj with his choice of Rob Zombie Mars needs Women with ONE VOTE over Marilyn Manson The Dope Show.  

Friday -  BIG J is BACK! and back with a vengence winning todays, "songs that make you glad to be home" rock war.  Hearing no good rock on his vacation he goes with Perfect Circle - The Hollow beating Nic's choice of one of Boise's favorite bands Dead Sara - Weatherman. 

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