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Feces Smack, Toll Roads and Jesse Brock

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Here’s what you missed on Monday’s show:

Today’s Bad Impression was reserved for Jay Leno. He’s in the news because he recently agreed to a paycut from NBC. So, you’re telling me that NBC booted Conan because “his ratings weren’t good enough”, but you bring back Leno and then give him a paycut?! I will stick with Conan and TBS all day.

Morning After News: The Boise State football team had a scrimmage over the weekend and of course, the Quarterback race is still in full swing. However, it seems pretty obvious that Joe Southwick will be named the starter. All four QBs threw at least one interception and made things look like we have a very interesting season in front of us. The running game was decent and defense came out solid, but we need consistency at the Quarterback and Kicker positions. Coach Pete never ceases to come out and impress us, but we are getting down to the wire here with 11 days until kickoff at Michigan State.

We visit Florida yet again today, where a man by the name of William Jenkins had been living at home with his Mom. Part of the deal was that he did not have to pay rent, but of course had some household chores to take care of. One of those chores was to pick up the dog poo from the yard on a regular basis.  After letting the crap pile up for a few weeks, his Mom woke him up one morning after William had been out all night. Clearly he was not a fan of being woken up to pick up dog crap, so he went outside and grabbed a bag full of poo. That’s when he came back in and smashed the feces all over his Mom’s face, even getting some into her mouth. She called the police and William was booked on felony domestic assault. It’s also probably safe to say that he will now be looking for a new place to live. Have some respect for your parents, especially the woman who gave birth to you and provided you with a place to call home.

Big J’s punch to the face goes straight to all the toll roads around the country today. While on vacation in Southern California awhile back, he made the mistake of accidentally cruising down a toll road and zipped right past the toll booth. Well, doing so resulted in a $59 fine along with a $18 service fee from the rental car company. Let's just leave the story saying he is not thrilled. 

Some important stuff for your day: according to a new study, there has been a 36% increase in people who create fbook pages for their pets. Dogs are talked about 12 times more than cats in status updates. In pre-season football, the New England Patriots take on the Philidelphia Eagles tonight. Slash is fed up with being asked questions about Axl Rose, so he has made up a list of rules that must be followed in order to land an interview with him.

Jesse Brock came by the studio today to discuss his upcoming fight at Rage in the Cage V tomorrow night at the Idaho Center Arena. Grab your tickets right here

Random headlines from around the globe: 185 passengers on an Air France airplane were asked to pull out their wallets and throw down for fuel costs. In Massachusetts, a man received the wrong scratch lottery ticket and well, the ticket was worth $1 million dollars. The government gets $570,000 of that by the way, just in case you plan on winning big anytime soon. A little rolling prank between two brothers ended up in one of them receiving a room makeover. The “pink paradise” room consisted of pink walls, posters of Justin Bieber, birth control pills, roller skates, flower paintings etc. When the brother returned and saw his new room he stated that he was probably too lazy to change it back.

On Cage Match, 12 Stones came back for their second day against a new song from Foxy Shazam. Catch 12 Stones again tomorrow as it was a landslide victory on today's show.

Join us tomorrow for more chances to qualify for Rock Vegas! That and more ticket giveaways, more inductions into our Fantasy Football Leagues and some other stuff. 

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