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Sinking Ship, Tech Tour and Randy Couture

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Here’s what you missed on Thursday’s show:

Today’s Bad Impression goes out to Dave Mustaine of Megadeth. He’s in the news due to his recent controversial political statements.

Morning After News: for the first time ever, more Americans own smartphones than non-smart phones. This means more people should be streaming our show! A competitor at the National Scrabble Championship was thrown out for cheating as he was caught with two extra blank tiles. That’s an achievement for the resume right there. Get ready for a new Soundgarden disc which is set to release on November 13th. This will be the first time we get to indulge a handful of new tracks from the band since 1996's "Down on the Upside". I always love to see 90’s bands coming back together. In sports, the Boise Hawks lost a tough one to Salem-Keizer last night. The Volcanoes rallied in a nine-run inning for a 13-5 victory over the Hawks. Our pal, Rock Shoulders, cranked one out of the park, as did the newly added first-round draft pick of the Chicago Cubs, Albert Almora. I’m not even a fan of baseball and still enjoyed attending the game last night. So, take your significant other, family or friends out to Memorial Stadium already won’t you?!

Today let’s cruise east where a Navy man decided to have an affair on his wife. Eventually, he decided the only way out of the situation was to send an e-mail to the woman he was seeing on the side. Just your typical break up e-mail, right? Well, not exactly. He sent the message from a friend’s account stating that he had passed away. After receiving the e-mail, the mistress was just not having it and decided to show up at the man’s house. Upon arrival she was informed that her lover was still alive and kickin’, but had moved to Pittsburgh with his family to command the U.S.S. Pittsburgh. Here comes the predictable ending: once the Navy caught wind of what he had been up to they decided this man was no longer fit to command the ship. Bottom line, just don’t lie and have an affair people! Better yet, don’t get married in the first place if you still want to have your cake and eat it too. Take my word for it, that very cake always ends up smashed in your face.

It’s Thursday, which means it is Tech Tour time. Big J informed us about a groovy little app in which you can find updates on sports, weather, news and wait for it: free live streaming of 100.3 The X Rocks anytime, anywhere! Just go to the app store on your Android or iPhone and search for “Idaho On Your Side” and click download.

Some important stuff for your day: A guy that stole a bunch of items from Steve Jobs' house has been captured. After stealing around $60,000 worth of stuff, he decided to plug some of the computer equipment into the internet. Well, doing so shot off some sort of warnings to the Apple headquarters. Apple officials contacted the Palo Alto Police Department and the rest is history. In Manhattan, New York, a panina shop has decided to soak their sandwhiches in booze. Yeah, come on down and get drunk with a soggy sandwich. Gross. Drowning Pool released a new song called "In Memory Of." The song comes 10 years after the passing of original frontman, Dave "Stage" Williams. The band states, "this song is dedicated to anyone and everyone who has lost a friend or family member. This one is from us you you, Dave.

Randy Couture took some time to chat with us this morning. He’s not only a UFC Legend, but plays the role of Toll Road in the upcoming "Expendables 2" movie. Find out what’s going on with Mr. Couture and what it was like to film "Expendables 2" while working with actors like Sly Stallon, Chuck Norris, etc. Click here or Randy Couture will kick you in the shin!

Random headlines from around the globe: a New York man strolled into court while sporting a shirt saying "Break it, roll it, smoke it". Brilliant man, just brilliant. A British mini golf course is under scrutiny because each hole features a controversial historical dictator to roll your ball into. A local congressman thinks it will bring more tourists to the area. Why would tourists spend their time playing mini golf at a controversial course? I don't get it. 

You guys sure like your Serj (the musical artist, not the over-caffeinated 90’s soda). Drowning Pool stepped up to the challenge today on Cage Match, but Serj barely pulled it off yet again. Check out the video for his new song "Harakiri" below. Serj will be back again tomorrow to face another challenger. Tune in to find out who. 

Join us tomorrow as we get an in depth movie review of Expendables 2 from our friend Brent over at Also, get ready for the Rock Vegas jingle, Fantasy Football slots and more tickets to cool s#@$.

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