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Cliffs Notes, Jesse Jane and Serj Tankien

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Here's what you missed on Wednesday's show:

Today’s Bad Impression goes out to Bam Margera who got himself into some trouble at a North Carolina airport recently. After being told he could not board his flight, he got a bit combative as he was detained and had to cool off.

Morning After News: a new list of fat and skinny states was revealed recently. Colorado is the skinniest overall state and Mississippi had the highest obesity rate among all the states (so they take the cake so to speak). A new service is being offered during the pregnancy process. The option of having a 3-D sculpture built based on sonogram images. Although it’s a neat and innovative service, it’s still rather creepy. A group of Boston Red Sox players rallied together to talk about not playing for team manager, Bobby Valentine. The Boise Hawks won 5-0 in complete shutout last night against Salem-Keizer and tonight the first round draft pick from the Chicago Cubs, Albert Almora, will join the team. Amora was the #6 overall pick in June’s draft and was regarded as the top high school prospect.

Anyone recall having to read a book in high school and pulling the Cliffs Notes instead of reading it? When a boy recently used Yahoo to ask a question about the book he was reading, he found a unique response. The actual author of the book replied to his question on Yahoo with this: "First off, I'm really excited that my book is being suggested for summer reading. On the other hand, I'm bummed out that you don't try and finish it, and not even because you think it's bad, but just because it seems like work instead of fun. I'm not going to sit here and act like I didn't sometimes not read assigned books for class in high school. Even though it's referenced once in my book, the book you're avoiding reading, I've never actually read "The Scarlet Letter." So I'm sympathetic to your plight. But I think you'll find there's a ton more sex, swearing, and drugs in my book than anything else you have been or will be assigned in high school, and I don't mean in the way your teacher will tell you "You know, Shakespeare has more sex and violence than an R-rated movie!" I mean it's all there, in terms you will readily understand without having to Google them. Plus not once to I refer to anything as a "bare bodkin" or anything like that.”

Some important stuff for your day: One piece swim suits are replacing bikinis at a fashion pageant in Italy. Apparently they want to go back to the old school, classier look. Come on man, a one piece can be just as sexy as a two piece. Zach Galifianakis just got married to his long time girlfriend, Quinn Lundberg. The couple got married at a Canadian farm which was a private and intimate experience lasting around 30 minutes.

The one and only Miss Jesse Jane joined us on the show today. If you didn’t know, she’s a porn superstar. She told us all about her latest film, “Code of Honor”, among other things going on in the blonde beauty’s life. Catch the full interview right here.

Random headlines from around the globe:a woman in Norway attempted to steal a 42" inch television by placing it between her thighs and well, she got caught. A boss in New York city pee'd on one of his employees. Yes, the man urinated on his jacket and then mocked him. In Florida (of course), another naked man with a gun. I will just stop there.

Serj Tankien returned to the show as your Cage Match Champ and actually resulted in a tie with Gaslight Anthem. Big J broke the tie in favor of Serj.

Join us tomorrow as we talk with a UFC Legend named Randy F’n Couture. He will talk to us for a bit about his role in the upcoming release of Expendables 2. We also have a boatload of stuff to give away, like maybe a Rock Vegas qualifier, or maybe some TMA Birthday Party tickets, or maybe some Jane’s Addiction tickets, or maybe some slots into our Fantasy Football Leagues. 

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