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Compacted Man, F-Bombs and Cecil Lammey

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Here’s what you missed on Tuesday’s show:

Today’s Bad Impression goes out to the stunning Mila Kunis. She turns 29 years old today. Happy Birthday Mila and all your hotness!

Morning After News: giving gifts and not receiving any is one of the best things you can do. Why? Well, not only is it priceless to see someone light up as they recieve a gift, but according to reports, whenever you are on the recieving end, there is the part where you are now indebted to that person in some way. So, just give already! Jean Claude Van Damme had an affair with Kylie Minogue and when asked about the incident, he said to speak with Kylie. He finally folded and fully admitted to it saying "Yes. Ok. Yes, yes, yes it happened. I was in Thailand, we had an affair." The Boise Hawks have lost a few games recently, so go out and support some local baseball! Grab their upcoming schedule right here and grab some tickets here. There, I did half the work for you. 

It was a typical night out at Club 205 in Portland, when one man got a little too drunk to drive. So, in stead of calling for a cab or phoning a friend, he found the nearest place to take a snooze, which ended up being a vacant dumpster. Clearly the man had no clue what the recycling schedule might be for that particular dumpster as he became compacted the next morning. Yes, he was compacted, not just once, but twice. Somehow the driver finally figured out there was a man compacted into the garbage and was able to get him out safely.

Some important stuff for your day: the term "F-Bomb" has just been added to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, along with the word "sexting." A 27 year-old woman was arrested after spending too much time in a tanning booth and refused to leave. Upon arrest, the woman was caught with some of that white powder and a mean tan. Boise State has a scrimmage coming up this weekend, so go see what’s going on with that mysterious Quarterback race.

We gave away another slot into our TMA Fantasy Football League today. Gerald will be joining Nic’s Division. Tune in every morning for your chance to join us!

We had the opportunity to chat with a national Fantasy Football expert on the show this morning. Cecil Lammey is a Senior Writer for and the NFL Insider for ESPN in Denver. The man has every single NFL game for the past 11 years on video. Yes, including pre-season. He’s a great guy and knows his football. Check out what he had to say about draft strategies, Doug Martin and Kellen Moore right here. Get your latest football updates from his Twitter here. PS. It’s Cecil’s Birthday today, so Happy Birthday my football brother.

Random headlines from around the globe: a woman tried spiking a man’s drinking water with a squirt of Visine eye drops. She was trying to make him pay more attention to her by doing so. Uh lady, last time I checked there were better strategies for grasping a man's attention. Forcing him to drink eye drops is not one them. A Florida man was busted in a supermarket for stealing fried chicken. When caught he claimed that he brought the chicken in on his own. "Yes officer, I walked into the store with the chicken in my pockets." Ok dude, only Napoleon Dynamite and his tots can get away with that one. What the bleep is up with Florida lately?!

Fresh off their victory against Deuce, Prospect Hill came back in a tough bout with Serj Tankien. It was a landslide in the favor of Serj.

Join us tomorrow for some more morning debauchery. By debauchery, I mean pornstars. By pornstars, I mean adult film actresses. By adult film actresses, I mean Jesse Jane. The blonde beauty will tell us about her latest film along with any other current updates from the life of Jesse Jane. Need I say more? Ok, so we will also be giving away more Fantasy Football slots, more Rock Vegas qualifiers and more tickets to cool stuff. 

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